1951 Maple Leaf Trophy
Lake St. Clair, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, June 30, 1951

Favored Miss Pepsi Captures Maple Leaf Trophy With Ease

bullet Miss Pepsi Sweeps Trophy Race Heats
bullet Favored Miss Pepsi Captures Maple Leaf Trophy With Ease
bullet Statistics

Windsor, Ontario. July 1 [1951] (UP) — Favored Miss Pepsi won the Maple Leaf Trophy Saturday as the 1951 powerboat racing season opened on the Detroit River.

Miss Pepsi, driven by veteran Chuck Thompson, averaged 76.641 miles an hour over the 2-mile course, The trophy is given to the winner of the unlimited class in the Maple Leaf Regatta, sponsored by the Windsor Yacht Club.

Miss Pepsi received little trouble from the other entrants in the race. She won the first heat by nearly one mile, the second by three miles and the third by one-quarter mile. Second place Gold'n Crust, one of two boats entered by bakery-owner Jack Shafer, finished, finished second in all three heats.

Mechanical difficulties kept the contestants separated, so that there was never a real race all afternoon. In the second heat, Gold'n Crust started one lap behind the field.

The other entrants were Shafer's Such Crust and Joe Schoenith's new boat, Miss Gale II.

(Reprinted from the United Press, July 1, 1950)

Final Results
1. U-99 Miss Pepsi (2)
2. G-98 Gold'n Crust
3. U-51 Gale II
4. G-99 Such Crust I
DNS G-31 Why Worry (4)
DNQ U-50 Gale

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