1953 President's Cup
Potomac River, Washington, DC, September 20, 1953

Boat Drivers Censured
But A.P.B.A. Rules Thompson and Fageol Did Not Foul

Slo-Mo-Shun V Wins Presidentís Cup Heat
Slo-mo-shun V Wins Presidentís Cup Despite Heat Record by Such Crust III
Thompson Should Be Suspended Says Fageol
Boat Pilots Heard By A.P.B.A. Board
Boat Drivers Censured
Slo Mo Shun V Invades the East
President's Cup Regatta = Power

DETROIT, Oct. 30 (AP) ó Drivers Lou Fageol and Chuck Thompson didn't commit any fouls in the President's Cup motor boat regatta last month, it was ruled today.

By a 6-0, vote members of the Inboard Racing Commission of the American Power Boat Association censured both Fageol and Thompson for displaying poor judgment, but added that no foul was committed.

The points in question occurred in the third heat of the race in Washington on Sept. 20. Fageol was driving Slo-mo-shun V, the Seattle boat that won the race on points, and Thompson was steering Such Crust III, from Detroit.

Fageol charged that Thompson had failed to give Slo-mo-shun V room to round the buoy at the first turn. Thompson made the countercharge that Fageol had tried to force an illegal passage between the buoy and Such Crust III.

[Reprinted from the New York Times, October 31, 1953]

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