1953 Red Bank Regatta
Red Bank NJ, September 12-13, 1953

Red Bank Regatta National Sweepstakes Regatta

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Red Bank’s National Sweepstakes regatta, run on those two blustery September days numbered 12 and 13, may best be remembered for its demonstration of recent advances in hull design.

Consider what happened in the C outboard hydro race. The field included such top-notchers as Ben Jankowski, Emil Mayer. Byron Shannon, Vic Scott and Kenny Wolff. A brisk wind and choppy course provided a heavy deterrent to the use of 3-point hulls, and for most of each heat it was Mayer, in a conventional, who led the pack. But at no point was he many feet ahead of Jankowski ‘s shiny new Jacoby 3-pointer, and near the finish of both heats Ben eased past the flying Mayer to grab first place.

A further eye-opener was provided in the unlimited class events for the National Sweepstakes and Red Bank Gold Cup trophies. Two big Allison-powered craft were in these races: Guy Lombardo’s non-prop-riding 3-pointer Tempo VI, and Charlie Klein’s conventional hydro, Chaz. Still it was a little prop-riding 7 litre, B. G. Bartley Jr’s Wildcatter, that captured the Sweepstakes’ with a first and a second. Tempo came next with a first and a third, followed by Chaz which had placed third and fifth.

Most amazing performance of the unlimited events was supplied by Joe Wolf, driving Frank Foulke’s 266 hydro Sagana. In the first Sweepstakes heat, this prop-rider finished in second place, well ahead of the 1710 cu. in. Allison jobs with their older hull styles. Sagana then went out and won the first Gold Cup heat from the big fellows. Unfortunately on a test run prior to the second heats of these races, Joe put Sagana through a double barrel-roll which eliminated the Foulke craft for the balance of the regatta.

(Reprinted from Yachting, 1953)

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