1953 Tahoe Yacht Club Regatta
Lake Tahoe, CA August 16, 1953

Lake Tahoe Championship

bullet Tahoe Yacht Club Regatta - Free-for-All
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On August 16th Lake Tahoe Yacht Club staged a successful regatta for stock runabout. No records fell because of rough water, but there were plenty of entries in all classes and a crowd of about 10,000 people watched the races.

Morlan Visel of Los Angeles made an exhibition run in his Gold Cup hydro Hurricane IV.

* * *

Held at Carnelian Bay, 5th Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 61.

Eighth race — Lake Tahoe Championship



Short Snorter R. Stanley Dollar, Jr.


G-19 Fleur du Lac Max Collins


G-2 Hurricane IV Bill Stead

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