1957 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 11, 1957

Ringside Tips for Seattle’s Gold Cup Race [1957]
By Leo Livingston

Plans for the Gold Cup Race
Ringside Tips for Seattle’s Gold Cup Race
1957 APBA Gold Cup
Western Boats Make Clean Sweep in Gold Cup Race

Biggest water sports spectacle will be the Gold Cup race in Seattle’s Lake Washington August 11. Hydroplanes of unlimited horsepower will race. This fiercely contested trophy was won in Detroit last August by Bill Muncey driving Miss Thriftway, owned by Willard Rhodes of Seattle YC.

This is the first time in two years that the Gold Cup has been at stake in Seattle. Host for the event is the Seattle YC. This race climaxes the Seattle Seafair which starts August 2.

The contenders

Possibly 20 boats are seriously pointing for the Gold Cup race. They include:

Miss Thriftway, powerful with a new Rolls. Driver, possibly Bill Muncey, if he doesn’t drive Rhodes’ new boat …

Thriftway Too, second of the defending team. A new 34-ft. craft with a new Rolls engine. The driver sits up forward, away from engine noise, better vision, more safety, ship-to-shore radio in Ted Jones’ latest design.

Shanty and Maverick, owned by Bill Waggoner, Seattle :YC, and driven by Col. Russ Schleeh and Bill Stead, will be a formidable team. Shanty was national champion last year, winner of the Seafair Trophy and international Harmsworth race.

Hawaii Kai III has been turned over by Edgar Kaiser to the former world-beating Slo-Mo crew. Kaiser sold the Scooter II to a Pasco, Wash., group. Her name is changed to Adios.

Miss Seattle, the former flying Slo-Mo-Shun V, owned by Rooster Tails Inc., Seattle.

Miss Wahoo, Bill Boeing Jr.’s boat, will be powered with an Allison again this year. Boeing is selling a spare hull to a Spokane boating group.

Miss Bardahl is expected to be entered by Ole Bardahl. A new boat, Miss Rocket, owned by Snell of Tacoma is a possible.

Breathless I, Breathless II and Muvalong will be fielded by the Murphy family of Emeryville, Calif. Jay Murphy will drive Breathless II and a younger brother Rog, 20, will drive I.

Detroit YC will trailer out its best boats. George Simon is rumored to have two Miss U.S.’s.

Such Crust III, Jack Shafer’s twin-engined monster, may also be a contender from Detroit.

Gale V and VI has also been entered by J.A. Schoenith, Detroit. Gale VI is twin-engined. Son Lee will drive.

Miss Supertest, owned by Harold Thompson, and Wildroot Charlie may be other eastern entrants.

Remember these dates

All boats which qualify at 95 mph or more will be eligible. Qualifying times are four hours daily, August 5,6,7,8,9, plus possible extension on August 10 due to weather conditions. The afternoon of August 11 is the day of the big race. Come early.

Here’s the course

A big oval, 3 statute miles, shorter than last year’s 3 mile Seafair Trophy course, has been moved south toward the Bailey Peninsula, roughly from McLellan St. south to the Lakewood small boat moorings. The standing line will be offshore from the new Stanley S. Sayres Memorial Park, Wetmore Slough. A longer run will permit high speed starts.

Where to see it

Anywhere along the lakeshore in the above general area affords a good view of the course. The lake front here is public park. The view from the hills above the lake and nearby residences is excellent. Lake Washington bridge will be too far away. The pit area at Wetmore Slough will be restricted to those who have special passes, of course. Most comfortable spot is aboard your own boat, and the race course is surrounded this year by log booms on three sides. Russ Gibson, Seattle YC, Minor 1000, sells log boom space. The north grandstand has 1380 seats and the central grandstand has 1040 seats, plus 1000 VIP chairs.

Call Seattle YC or Greater Seattle for tickets or passes. The Seattle City Park Department warns that park property will be closed to public assembly and loitering between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

How to get there

Since there may be several hundred thousand spectators, it will be crowded in spot; but there’s room for everyone somewhere. Best way to get there is via City Transit from downtown. Lake Washington Blvd. Between Mt. Baker Blvd. And Genesee St. will be closed to traffic August 5 to 11. There will be no parking lakeside unless you have a special pass.

Race patrons will be routed to a public parking area, Stanley S. Sayres Park, via Genesee St. and 45th Ave. S. A service road leads from Genesee St. and 45th Ave. S. to Lake Washington Blvd. To a reserved parking area for 250 cars of officials and pit personnel and for 1000 cars of general public. Exit via 43rd Ave. S. at Dakota.

There will be toilet facilities, two ambulances, four first-aid stations, waste disposal bins and ash cans, hot dog and pop stands.

(reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat)

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