1957 International Cup
Pasquotank River, Elizabeth City, NC, September 29, 1957

George Simon had promised to support the International Cup Regatta in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, which was Henry Lauterbach's "hometown" race site. (Simon's original Miss U.S. I had won the 1956 International Cup with Foster driving.)

Unfortunately, the APBA scheduled Elizabeth City for the same weekend as Madison, Indiana. The majority of the Unlimited contingent chose to run at Madison. This left Elizabeth City high and dry.

George solved the problem by sending Miss U.S. I to Madison and Miss U.S. IV to Elizabeth City.

Miss U.S. IV was the only Unlimited hydroplane to make an appearance at the North Carolina event. She was awarded the International Cup by default after making an exhibition run with Limited veteran Bob Rowland at the wheel and Lauterbach along side as riding mechanic.

Rowland's appearance in the Miss U.S. IV's cockpit at Elizabeth City solves a mystery that has baffled hydro historians for years.

—Fred Farley

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