1958 American Speedboat Championship (Rogers Memorial) 
Potomac River, Washington DC, September 22, 1958

Fast in Secondary Event

Fast in Secondary Event

To prove that Miss U.S. really can go, [Don] Wilson pushed the red, white and blue hydro to more than 160 rn.p.h. on the straightaways of a secondary called the American Speedboat Championship. But Miss U.S. I apparently ran over a piece of driftwood in the ward and cam to standstill on the last turn of the first heat. The mishap damaged her prop shaft. Miss Bardahl, trailing by 300 yards at the time, zoomed by to win the five-lap fifteen-mile heat. Breathless, the only other entry, was second. The President's Cup results caused only one switch in the seasons point standing. Miss U.S. I replacing Wildroot Charlie in third place behind Maverick and Miss Bardahl. Maverick did not compete here. Miss Bardahl won the American Speedboat Championship race with two firsts and a second place in the three heats. There was some question, however, as to whether this even would be recognized for the 1958 high point trophy because no more than three boats entered any one heat--and Such Crust did not get in until the final thirty-mile spin. Slovak made up partly for the engine misfortunes which hampered Miss Bardahl in the early cup heats by winning the first two American heats and, in Wilson fashion, satisfied himself with second in the final for the American series trophy.

American Speedboat Championships
First Heat (15 miles)
1. U-40 Miss Bardahl 101.464
2. U-222 Breathless II 96.652
DNF U-2 Miss U.S. I  

Second Heat (15 miles)

1. U-40 Miss Bardahl 100.185
2. U-222 Breathless II 100.148

Final Heat (30 miles)

1. U-222 Breathless II 96.394
2. U-40 Miss Bardahl 90.376
3. U-70 Such Crust III 90.346

Final Point Standings

1. U-40 Miss Bardahl 1,100
2. U-222 Breathless II 1,000
3. U-70 Such Crust III 225
DNF U-2 Miss U.S. I  
DNQ U-100 Bill-der  

(Associated Press, September 22, 1958)

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