1958 Diamond Cup
Lake Coeur d'Alene, Coeur d'Alene ID, June 29, 1958

Maverick Wins Diamond Cup [1958]

The pits at Coeur d'Alene, ID, 1958 [Diamond Cup]
The pits at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 1958.

Miss Spokane, 1958 Diamond Cup
Miss Spokane

Miss Round Table, 1958 Diamond Cup
Miss Round Table
1958 Diamond Cup

Bill Waggoner’s Maverick was the first to write her name on Coeur d’Alene’s glittering new Diamond Cup trophy for unlimited hydroplanes. This race is now one of the big twelve of racing hydro events. Driver Bill Stead also was first to win the Apple Cup last year at Chelan, Wash.

Thousands of spectators flocked over from Spokane to the big, beautiful Idaho lake to see the field of 12 unlimiteds race in this area for the first time. The Spokane community also sponsored its own boat, Miss Spokane, which had the hard luck to flip only a few days before and which was repaired in great haste. She placed third in the final results.

The Maverick had been running well all week and in the final heat she romped away from her closest competition, Thriftway Too. The critical point in the Diamond Cup was the first turn in the final heat.

The starters, Miss Seattle, Miss Thriftway, Miss U.S. I, Miss Spokane, Maverick and Thriftway Too, made a beautiful start and all roared into the first turn together. Thriftway Too ran through Miss Seattle’s roostertail and at this point is believed to have struck Miss Thriftway. When the confusion was over, Bill Stead put Maverick through an opening and scampered away.

Miss Seattle blew out four spark plugs in the fourth lap and withdrew. The wounded Miss Thriftway, her tail fluttering, withdrew on the fifth lap. George Simon’s Miss U.S. I was able to finish, earned fourth honors.

Another hot boat, Miss Bardahl, threw a prop, was damaged in heat 2B, went out of the race. Bill Brow, driver of Miss Burien, started out very well but did not start the final heat after he earned a berth there. Adios, the Tri-City boat (Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, Wash.), made a Sunday morning qualifying deadline with nine seconds to spare after an all-night engine change. Lyle Parks’ Miss Round Table never qualified.



Elapsed Time




Thriftway Too



Miss Spokane



Miss U.S. I



Miss Thriftway Dropped out 5th lap
Miss Seattle Dead on 4th lap
Miss Burien DNS

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, August 1958, p. 52-N)

*  *  *

Bill Stead drove William T. Waggoner's U-12 Maverick to an impressive win in the inaugural Diamond Cup contest, besting Brien Wygle in Thriftway Too, Dallas Sartz aboard Miss Spokane, and Miss U.S. I, driven by Fred Alter. Miss Thriftway and Bill Muncey were never in contention during the winner-take-all Final Heat due to sponson damage. Other entries of interest in the preliminary heats included Miss Seattle, Chuck Hickling; Bill Brow and Dick Short who shared the Miss Burien ride; Adios, George McKernan; Miss Bardahl, Mira Slovak; Coral Reef, Harry Reeves; and Miss Pay'n Save with driver Al Benson.

[From Diamonds Aren't Forever by Bob Senior]

*  *  *

1 U-2 Maverick (1)
2 U-62 Thrifway, Too
3 U-25 Miss Spokane
4 U-2 Miss U.S. I (2)
5 U-60 Miss Thriftway (2)
6 U-4 Miss Burien (1)
7 U-37 Miss Seattle (1)
8 U-10 Adios
9 U-40 Miss Bardahl (2)
DNF U-19 Coral Reef
DNF U-47 Miss Pay 'n Save
DNQ U-7 Miss Round Table

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