1958 Mapes Mile-High Trophy
Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Calif., July 29, 1958

Maverick Wins Mapes Cup
By Stu Leete

Maverick Wins Mapes Cup

While more than 25,000 spectators cheered, Maverick, driven by Bill Stead, Reno and owned by William Waggoner, Las Vegas and Phoenix, won the sixth annual Lake Tahoe Mile High Regatta for unlimited hydros and the Mapes $5000 Gold Cup last month with an average speed for the 30 mile course of 89.24 mph. Maverick thus gave Waggoner his second win of the Mapes Cup, for in 1956 his Shanty won in its first racing appearance.

To win the Mapes Cup, Stead and Maverick were forced all-out by the brand-new Miss Bardahl piloted by Mira Slovak, the " Flying Czech," who last year won the Mile High in William Boeing's Miss Wahoo. Miss Bardahl's elapsed time was 20:46:67, average speed 86.62 mph; and third was Thriftway Too, Seattle, piloted by Brian Wygle with 21:50:58.fourth and final survivor of the seven starters was Detroit's Gale V skippered by Lee Schoenith, which logged in at 22:17:01.

While Stead was boosting Maverick into leadership in the current United States standings, the outcome could conceivably have been reversed had not the heavy footed Slovak spun into trouble. Twice Miss Bardahl went dead in the water, and on one turn Slovak cut inside the marker buoy at the end of the course and was forced to circle around and cut outside the buoy. When Maverick took the checkered flag, Slovak was pressing the leader and he had his foot on the throttle all the way.

The race was sponsored by the Lake Tahoe Mile High Regatta Association, of which Morlen Visel, Sierra Boat Company and former hydro driver, is president. The race was conducted by California Speed Boat Association Inc.. Vice president of the Lake Tahoe Mile High Regatta Association is Fred Main, Tahoe Boat Company and Secretary Treasurer is Andy Anderson, well-known boating figure at Lake Tahoe. Fred Hallett was referee; Al Hart, chief inspector APBA, inspector; Otto Parker, chief timer APBA, chief timer; and Mrs. Fred Hallett, chief scorer.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, October 1958, p. 80)

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