1959 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle, WA, August 9, 1959

And Next Year the Trophy Will Have a Cash Value
Stead, Maverick Take Gold Cup
(Special to the Detroit News)

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SEATTLE, Aug, 10. — There’ll be Nevada gold in the Gold Cup next year.

Maverick — a Lake Mead boat — broke the Detroit-Seattle stranglehold on powerboating’s most famous trophy yesterday, and happy Nevada representatives immediately announced that they will put up cash prizes far the first time when they hold the event next year.

Bill Stead spent less than 52 minutes driving the record-breaking race on Lake Washington, but it took more than two hours of wrangling before officials decided he had defeated Bill Muncey and Miss Thriftway, winner of the final 30-mile heat,

Maverick and Thriftway tied with 1,325 points apiece, but the Lake Mead boat was declared the winner on elapsed time. Stead’s advantage was a mere 13.3 seconds.

Maverick’s average speed of 104.003 miles an hour broke the race record of 103.481 set last year by Hawaii Kai. Its elapsed time was 51 minutes, 55.3 seconds for the 90 miles.

At that, it took disqualification of another boat, Miss Spokane, to throw the victory to Maverick, owned by William Waggoner, of Phoenix, Ariz.

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(Reprinted from the Detroit News, August 10, 1959)

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