1959 Silver Cup
Detroit River, Detroit MI, August 29, 1959

Maverick Takes Silver Cup Test
Las Vegas Boat Registers Two Victories and One 2d Place at Detroit

bullet Miss Bardahl Due Here for Silver Cup
bullet Maverick Takes Silver Cup Test
bullet Mulford Silver Cup Goes to Maverick
bullet Statistics

Detroit, Aug. 29 [1959] (UPI) — Maverick, the unsuccessful United States Harmsworth Trophy defender, won the fourteenth running of the Silver cup races on the Detroit River today.

Maverick won two races and finished second in a third fifteen-mile heat.

Driven by Bill Stead of Las Vegas, Maverick took one section of each of the first two races, then was runner-up to Miss U.S., in the final race. Maverick totalled 1,100 points.

Miss U.S., driven by Don Wilson, was the only other two-heat winner, but had trouble at the start of the day’s action and averaged only sixty-seven and sixty-three miles an hour on the first two three-mile laps. The boat finished fourth in that heat, which was worth only 169 points.

Victory in each heat was worth 400 points, second place 300, and third 225.

Miss Detroit was third with 825 points, KOLroy was fourth with 638 points, trailed by Miss Bardahl 554, and Such Crust III, 545.

Maverick was clocked in 104.505 miles an hour winning its first heat and 104.647 m.p.h. in its second heat victory.

Miss U.S. averaged 103.053 m.p.h. in winning its section of the second heat. It won the final heat with the slowest winning time of the day, 99.431.

Gale V turned in both the fastest three-mile lap and fastest heat of the day in the second section of the first heat. It ran at 109.801 for the quickest lap in that heat and finished with an average of 105.28 m.p.h.

Rain fell between the second and third heats of the day and forced a delay of about a half hour. The rain smoothed out the course for the final heats.

(Reprinted from the Associated Press, August 29, 1959)

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