1960 Detroit Memorial
Detroit River, Detroit, Michigan, June 25, 1960

Miss Thriftway Wins Detroit Race

Miss Thriftway Wins Detroit Race
1960 Detroit Memorial - Statistics

Bill Muncey drove the Seattle hydroplane Miss Thriftway to a decisive victory in the 14th annual Detroit Memorial powerboat race. Muncey amassed 1200 total points and turned in the fastest time, 101.095 mph.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, August 1960, p. 73)

1 U-60 Miss Thriftway (3)
2 CA-1 Miss Supertest II
3 U-2 Miss U.S. I (2)
4 U-79 Nitrogen
5 U-792 Nitrogen Too
6 U-13001 KOLroy I
7 U-99 Miss Detroit (3)
8 U-18 Thunderbolt (2)
DNF U-40 Miss Bardahl (2)
DNF U-55 Gale V (3)
DNC U-188 Miss Buffalo
DNQ U-81 Yeller Jacket
DNQ U-56 Gale VI (2)
DNQ U-70 Such Crust III (2)

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