1960 Indiana Governor's Cup
Ohio River, Madison, Indiana, October 1-2, 1960

Thriftway Wins at Madison

Thriftway Wins at Madison

Willard Rhodes' Miss Thriftway, driven by Bill Muncey, won the Indiana Governor's Cup at Madison, Ind., Oct. 1-2.

Muncey finished with a perfect 1,200 points. Ron Musson drove Nitrogen Too to second place with 1,025. Bill Brow was third in Miss Bardahl with 694 and a faster average speed than Bob Gilliam who scored 694 in KOLroy. Nitrogen, with Norm Evans at the wheel, earned 600 points; Bill Cantrell in Gale V 300 and Bob Hayward with Miss Supertest, 225. Miss Detroit did not place.

Heat 1A — Thriftway won the heat at an average speed of 102.603 m.p.h. Muncey had a duel on his hands in the first lap but was never pressed after Supertest conked out on the backstretch. Nitrogen finished second; Supertest restarted and took third.

Heat 1B — Nitrogen Too and Gale V staged a terrific battle with Bill Cantrell missing a chance to make the finish closer when his boat's supercharger blew about 200 yds. from the finish line. Musson averaged 105.386. KOLroy was third; Bardahl fourth.

Heat 2A — Nitrogen Too led early, lost her lead when engine trouble cropped up, then regained the edge from KOLroy when that boat's engine developed problems. Supertest blew her supercharger with a loud explosion on the second lap.

Heat 2B — Thriftway and Nitrogen staged a three-lap duel with Muncey in front on the straightaways and Evans out-turning and passing Thriftway out of the turns. Muncey won when Evans got in trouble on the upper turn of the third lap. Thriftway won at a 105.468 average, with Nitrogen second and Bardahl third.

Heat 3 — Muncey led from start to finish and was never in trouble. Brow was a good second in Bardahl. Third was Nitrogen Too and fourth KOLroy. Nitrogen did not finish.

(Reprinted from Yachting, --- 1960, p. --)

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