1961 President's Cup
Potomac River, Washington, D.C., September 16-17, 1961

Miss Century 21 takes Boat Race

Miss U.S. I Next in Regatta — Hydroplane Driver Hurt

Fred Alter has Such Crust IV (2) come apart under him
Fred Alter has Such Crust IV (2) come apart under him during the 1961 President's Cup
Such Crust IV (2) after disintegration
Such Crust IV (2) after disintegration during during the 1961 President's Cup
bullet Miss Century 21, Gale V Take Heats
bullet Miss Century 21 Takes Boat Race
bullet "I Was Lucky" Will Race Again, Says Alter
bullet Statistics

Washington, D.C. Sept. 17 [1961] (AP) — Miss Century 21 of Seattle clinched season honors for unlimited hydroplanes by winning the President's Cup Regatta today.

With Bill Muncey at the wheel, Miss Century 21 too both her elimination heats and finished second to Miss Bardahl in the final run on the Potomac River. A crowd of 40,000 watched.

Miss Century 21 also won the Diamond and Gold Cup races this year. She took national honors in 1960 under the name of Miss Thriftway.

Fred Alter, a Detroit driver, was slightly injured when his boat, Such Crust IV, disintegrated midway through a five-lap, fifteen-mile elimination run.

Miss Century 21, owned by Willard Rhodes, accumulated 1,100 points — 400 for each elimination-heat victory and 300 in the final.

Miss U.S. I, driven by Don Wilson and owned by George Simon of Detroit, was the runner-up in two elimination runs and third in the final, taking second over all with 825 points.

The only other Seattle entry, Ole Bardahl's Miss Bardahl, was driven to second place by Ron Musson. After breaking down and failing to finish her opening heat yesterday, she won her elimination trial today and led all the way in the final run, averaging 100.353 miles an hour.

(From the Associated Press)

Final standings
1 U-60 Miss Century 21 (1)
2 U-2 Miss U.S. I (2)
3 U-40 Miss Bardahl (2)
4 U-55 Gale V (3)
5 U-6 Miss Madison (1)
6 U-57 Gale VII
7 U-70 Such Crust IV (2)
DNF U-99 Miss Detroit (3)

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