1961 Silver Cup
Detroit River, Detroit, MI, September 10, 1961

Miss Lumberville Pleases Owner
New Unlimited Gets Test
By George E. Van

bullet All Have Shot at Silver Cup
bullet Miss Lumberville Pleases Owner
bullet Silver Cup Racer Dies in Boat Flip
bullet Hayward Dies Trying Fastest Turn in History
bullet Silver Cup Future is in Doubt
bullet 32 Seconds to Death
bullet Statistics

A week of test runs was climaxed Saturday when Joe Dewey’s new unlimited class speedboat. Miss Lumberville, was given her most rigorous trial in rough waters on the race course in the Detroit River.

Miss Lumberville, designed and built by the young German engineer, Fred Dube, 27, and the veteran Walter Kade, will make her racing debut in that Detroit Y.C. Silver Cup races, Sept. 10.

Dube whirled the new, 30-foot three-pointer around the course and her performance in the choppy seas pleased Dewey.

"The boat behaved so much better than we had anticipated. Now we are hoping that we’ll have rough water for the Silver Cup," Dewey said. He was silent about Miss Lumberville’s speed.

"Let’s say that she’ll be at her best when conditions are tough, like a horse that’s a mudder. We know, too, that she’ll hold her own if the river is flat. But that seldom happens on the Detroit River. Miss Lumberville is designed for these waters."

The new unlimited craft was built in nine months and incorporates many new developments. The nature of these, however, are being kept secret. George Zigas and Kade rebuilt her Allison engine. Unlike most of the unlimiteds, Miss Lumberville has no bow ‘spoiler,’ a device designed to keep speedboats from becoming airborne. Dewey wouldn’t reveal how his new craft handles this problem.

(Reprinted from the Detroit News, 1961)

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