1963 APBA Gold Cup
Detroit River, Detroit, MI, July 7, 1963

Musson Captures Gold cup Race in Miss Bardahl Before Crowd of 200,000
Miss Thriftway Stalls in 2d Heat
Muncey 6th in Defender as Victor Set Mark – Gale V is 2d and Tahoe Miss Third
by Steve Cady

Ex-Wing Boss Heads Powerboat Fund Drive
Miss Bardahl Wins Coveted Gold Cup
Musson Captures Gold Cup Race
Bardahl Cops the Gold Cup

Gold Cup Heat Results


Detroit, July 7 [1963] – Miss Bardahl, the "green dragon" from Seattle, slew them all today on the Detroit River before a crowd of 2000,000 spectators.

Driven with a combination of early daring and late caution by Ron Musson, Miss Bardahl took the 56th running of the Gold Cup and shattered the "invincibility" barrier surrounding Bill Muncey and Miss Thriftway."

Muncey, hoping to become the second man to win five Gold Cups and also to tie the record of three consecutive cup victories in the same boat, finished sixth in the final point standing. A mishap in an early heat forced a switch of engines in the defender.

Gale V, a Detroit boat, was second in the over-all standing and Tahoe Miss, from State Line, Nev., was third.

On the way to victory, Musson drove his green and yellow 7,200 pound unlimited hydroplane to lap and race records for the Gold Cup. Because the four heats of 15 miles each instead of three heats of 30 miles, the lap record was considered more noteworthy.

114.650 Miles and Hour

In taking Heat 2-A, Miss Bardahl turned the first lap at an average speed of 114,650 miles an hour. This broke the lap record of 113.924 set by Miss Wahoo at Seattle in 1959.

Miss Bardahl's average for the entire cup competition was 105.242 miles an hour. The old mark of 104.003 was established by Bill Stead aboard Maverick in 1959 when the boats raced 90 miles instead of 60.

Miss Bardahl, built in 1962, and renovated last winter, finished second in the final heat, but still had enough points to give Musson his first Gold Cup victory.

Musson was second last year and third in 1961.

By winning three earlier heats, the Seattle boat went into the final with 1,400 point. A third in the last heat would have clinched the victory even if Gale V, driven by Wild Bill Cantrell, or Tahoe Miss, with Chuck Thompson at the wheel, won.

Cantrell Wins Final Heat

Cantrell, at 56 years, the oldest driver in the field and the favorite of the crowd, did win the final heat. He hit the line in front, on the outside, and held a wide lead for the five laps round the three-mile course, This gave him a total of 1,400 points, good enough for second place behind Musson's 1,500.

Tahoe Miss, third in the final, also was third in the over-all standing with 1,225 points. She was followed by Notre Dame (845), Miss Exide (844) and Miss Thriftway (823),

Only the six fastest boats from the three earlier heats (run in sections of six boats each) qualified for the final. These were the ones that shared in the major cash prizes.

In winning, Musson earned $10,000 and a lot more in publicity for the Bardahl Chemical Corporation, in which he holds the title of Director of Racing. Miss Bardahl is owned by Ole Bardahl, who founded the oil-additive firm.

Muncey's Tactic Fails

Heat 2-A was the confrontation between Miss Bardahl and Miss Thriftway, and it was over virtually before it began. As he had in the opening heat, Muncey tried to charge up the middle at the start and pick up a quick-opener play.

The strategy had worked perfectly the first time, but it didn't on this occasion. The four boats in front of Miss Thriftway closed up as they ran for the line and the hole Muncey had hoped to go through disappeared.

Thriftway's engine, caught in the curtain of water from the other boat's rooster tails, flooded and went dead less than 100 yards past the line. The defender drifted forlornly down the course while Muncey tried to restart his engine. He finally did when Bardahl began the fourth lap at the head of the field.

Heat 1-A

Boat and Driver



Miss Thriftway, Bill Muncey 102.428 400
Tahoe Miss, Chuck Thompson 101.199 300
Miss Exide, Mira Slovak 89.522 225
$ Bill, Norm Evans 87.634 169
Miss St. Regis, Jim Fyle 86.097 127
Miss U.S. I, Roy Duby DNF
Heat 1-B
Miss Bardahl, Ron Musson 104.936 400
Gale V, Bill Cantrell 104.622 300
Notre Dame, Warner Gardner 96.913 225
Blue Chip, Walter Kade 95.058 169
Tempo, Bob Schroeder 93.007 127
Such Crust, Leo Macuzta DNS
Heat 2-A
Miss Bardahl 109.489 400
Tahoe Miss 101.437 300
Notre Dame 96.739 225
Miss St. Regis 92.056 169
Miss Thriftway 66.290 127
Miss U.S. I, Don Wilson DNS
Heat 2-B
Gale V 99.815 400
Tempo 95.575 300
*$ Bill 95.003 000 (*disqualified for hitting buoy)
Miss Exide 90.756 225
Blue Chip DNF
Such Crust DNS
Heat 3-A
Miss Bardahl 105.469 400
Notre Dame 96.325 300
Tempo 94.077 225
Miss U.S. I DNF
$ Bill DNS
Blue Chip DNS
Heat 3-B
Tahoe Miss 104.414 400
Gale V 103.250 300
Miss Exide 100.372 225
Miss Thriftway 99.631 169
Miss St. Regis DNF
Such Crust DNS
Final Heat
Gale V 105.551 400
Miss Bardahl 100.953 300
Tahoe Miss 99.199 225
Miss Exide 96.774 169
Miss Thriftway 95.205 127
Notre Dame 92.287 95
Final Point Standings
Miss Bardahl 1,500
Gale V 1,400
Tahoe Miss 1,225
Notre Dame 845
Miss Exide 844
Miss Thriftway 823

(Reprinted from the New York Times, July 8, 1963)

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