1964 San Diego Cup
Mission Bay, San Diego California, October 4, 1964

Mariner Too Takes San Diego

bullet Year of the Green Dragon : San Diego Cup
bullet Year of the Green Dragon : San Diego Cup (more)
bullet Mariner Too Takes San Diego
bullet Mariner Too Wins in San Diego
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Mission Bay, San Diego’s tremendous new multi-million aquatic playground, where areas have been set aside for every kind of boat racing from sail to cruiser, arrived over night as the great Southern California hinge on the kingly unlimited hydroplane racing circuit.

Gorgeous October weather, flat steady racing waters and nearly 100,000 fans surrounding the estuary gave this fleet of touring hydros a great backdrop for the season’s finale.

Miss Bardahl, the Seafair and Gold Cup champion, amassed enough points with first places in the two first heats, to cinch national honors for 1964, this the second year in a row.

But as in the Seattle Seafair Race, her fuses fizzled in the final heat and she limped home with a weak 127 points — and second place.

Mariner Too, with Col. Warner Gardner at the wheel, surprised all by dashing to a win in the third heat and winning the San Diego Cup. Miss Exide was third in the overall. Proving the "swift" of this new race course, despite Bardahl’s lessened speed in the final race, he set a San Diego heat record of 113.660 for 15 miles over the closed oval. Miss Exide showed the new fans what she could do with the fast lap of 117.647, which is real touring-tooling over a three-mile course with six other boats roiling and firehosing the placid waters.

The entry list was great: beside those mentioned, there were Miss Madison, Buddy Byers; Fascination, Bob Gilliam; Miss Smirnoff, Bill Cantrell; Tahoe Miss, Chuck Thompson, a terrific new-boat competitor which was not up to this one; Miss Budweiser, Miss Eagle Electric, Savair’s Mist, Tempo and Gale V out of Detroit.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, November, 1964, p. 38)

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