1966 President's Cup
Potomac River, Washington D.C., June 19, 1966

Hydroplane Crash Probed

bullet Sterett Captures Hydroplane Contest
bullet Musson, Manchester and Wilson Killed in Speedboat Regatta on Potomac
bullet 3 Hydroplane Drivers Killed in Explosions

Three Drivers Killed In Hydroplane Race

bullet Top Hydro Drivers Killed in U.S. Hydro Tragedy
bullet Black Sunday
bullet Denny Boyd
bullet Hydroplane Crash Probed
bullet Prop Blamed for Mishap
bullet No Changes Seen for Hydroplanes
bullet Fragile Sport
bullet Potomac Tragedy Shocks Boating Officials

Washington (AP)A propeller blade was sheered off the hydroplane that carried race driver Ron Musson to his death Sunday, and an investigation is under way to determine whether it caused the wreck.

The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating the cause of two separate accidents in the President's Cup Regatta, run Sunday on the Potomac River here.

Musson, 37, died in one of them when his Miss Bardahl nosedived and disintegrated.

In the other, Rex Manchester. 39, of Seattle and Don Wilson, 34, of Palm Beach, Fla., died when their boats, Notre Dame and Miss Budweiser, collided.

Some question remains as to whether in Musson's accident the propeller blade was broken in the smashup, rather than being the cause of it.

(Reprinted from the Kelowna Daily Courier, June 21, 1966)

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