1967 Sacramento Cup
Lake Folsom, Sacramento, California, September 17, 1967

Miss Bardahl Wins Title

Miss Bardahl Captures Unlimited Hydro Crown
Miss Bardahl Wins Title

Miss Bardahl captured the second annual race for the Sacramento Cup and the national high point title for unlimited hydroplanes on Lake Folsom near Sacramento, California, Sept. 17th. Young Billy Schumacher drove the Bardahl entry to her fifth victory of the season and the camp's fourth championship in five years.

Bardahl tied in total points with Miss Budweiser but won on lowest elapsed time. She completed the 45mile event at an average speed of 100.397 m.p.h. - 53 seconds faster than the Budweiser craft. The field of 13 boats presented a program of close competitive racing with the final outcome decided only 1,000 feet from the finish line of the last event.

In the opening heat, rookie Mike Thomas drove Miss Budweiser to an easy victory at an average speed of 92.434 m.p.h.

Near the end of lap three of heat 1-B, a burned piston forced My Gypsy to the infield leaving Miss Bardahl in the top spot at an average of 102.427.

The lead in heat 1-C was never in doubt as Bill Muncey in Miss U.S. powered to a record breaking first lap of 108.434 m.p.h. and then literally coasted to victory five laps later at an average of 101.541.

In heat 2-A Miss Chrysler Crew moved into the lead to finish 1.2 seconds ahead of Miss Budweiser.

As the boats came across for the flying start in heat 2-B, Schumacher steered the Bardahl in lane 2 nearly a length ahead of Miss U.S. in lane 3, and she continued to pull away from all competition to finish 16 seconds ahead of second place Parco O Ring Miss at an average of 100.037 m.p.h.

It was anybody's boat race as the final heat approached. Each of the six high point boats had a chance of winning the trophy. The race was especially close for the top three. Miss Bardahl had 800 points, Chrysler Crew and Budweiser-were tied with 700.

In one of the best starts in unlimited history, all six contenders were "on the line" exactly as the gun sounded: In the frantic dash to the corner Muncey secured the favored inside, position in Miss U.S. to come out leading the pack. Wayfarer's Club Lady held second followed by Miss Bardahl, Budweiser, Chrysler Crew and Parco O Ring Miss.

On the second turn of the initial lap Bardahl went around the Diner's entry to trove within three seconds of Muncey at the•end of lap 1. Back in the pack, rookie Thomas began to challenge from his fourth spot. Driving in his sixth unlimited race, lie moved Miss Budweiser into third on the second goaround. The rookie then closed the gap on the Bardahl. In the fourth lap a torrid duel developed when Thomas challenged from the inside. One circuit later Thomas pulled tip to battle for the lead.

It the start of the final lap Miss U.S. still held the top spot with Budweiser in second and Bardahl in third closing fast. The outcome of the regatta rested on the finish of the top three boats. If Thomas could keep Bardahl in third and gain the lead, Budweiser would win the cup. Any other combination of the top three would give the trophy to Bardahl.

The first three boats maintained position until the final turn. Suddenly, Miss U.S. lost power momentarily. That split second hesitation was all Thomas needed. He steered Miss Budweiser into the lead to finish 3.8 seconds ahead of Miss Bardahl who also slipped past the U.S. within shadow of the finish line. This gave Seattle's Ole Bardahl his fifth victory of the season and $5,000 in prize money. The win also assured the camp their fourth national championship for unlimited hydroplanes in the past five years. Moving from fourth starting spot to win the finale gave Thomas and his Miss Budweiser second over-all in the regatta. Miss Chrysler Crew took third followed by Miss U.S., Wayfarer's Club Lady and Parco O Ring Miss.

Top five standings:

(1) Miss Bardahl, Billy Schumacher, 1100 pts.
(2) Miss Budweiser, Mike Thomas, 1100 pts.
(3) Miss Chrysler Crew, Mira Slovak, 827 pts.
(4) Miss U.S., Bill Muncey, 794 pts.
(5) WayFarer's Club Lady, Jim McCormick, 619 pts.

Note: First place awarded to Miss Bardahl on the basis of fastest elapsed tune for the entire event. 26 minutes 53.6 sees. vs. 27 minutes 46.6 seconds for Miss Budweiser.

—Bob Brinton

(Reprinted from Yachting, November 1967)

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