1968 Dixie Cup
Guntersville Lake, Guntersville, Alabama, June 2, 1968

Miss Eagle Electric Wins At Guntersville

bullet Miss Eagle Electric Wins at Guntersville
bullet Statistics

Veteran Warner Gardner drove Dave Heerensperger's Miss Eagle Electric to a straight-heat victory in the season's opening unlimited race at Guntersville, Ala., on June 2. Bill Muncey, at the wheel of Miss U.S., chalked up a new lap record of 115.38 m.p.h.

Final standings-Miss Eagle Electric 1,200; Miss U.S. 900; My Gypsy, Tommy Fults 850; Miss Bardahl, Billy Schumacher 800; Atlas Van Lines, Jim McCormick 694; Notre Dame, Jack Regas 650; Smirnoff, Dean Chenoweth 638; Miss Madison, Ed O'Halloran 554; Savair's Mist, Walter Kade 544; Miss Budweiser, Bill Sterrett 400; Parco O Ring Miss, Fred Alter 300; Harrah's Club, Burnett Bartley 169.

(Reprinted from Yachting, July 1968, p.180)

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