1972 Champion Spark Plug Regatta
Miami Marine Stadium, Miami FL, June 4, 1972

Favorite for the June 4 running

bullet Favorite for the June 4 Running
bullet He Also Took Miami Race
bullet Muncey Scores 28th Hydro Win
bullet Statistics

Favorite for the June 4 running of the Champion Spark Plug unlimited hydro race in Miami's Marine Stadium is likely to be three-time national champion Miss Budweiser. Bernie Little's completely rebuilt craft will be piloted by Terry Sterett, whose father Bill drove "Bud" to a Gold Cup victory and a national championship in 1969. Terry replaces Dean Chenoweth who will become the driver of Shirley Mendelson McDonald's brand new Ron Jones-built Notre Dame. Also highly ranked is Pride of Pay 'N Pak, owned by Dave Heerensperger and driven by Bill Schumacher. This challenger earned her high rating by winning the final three races of 1971.

(Reprinted from Yachting, June 1972, p.38)

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