1973 Gar Wood Trophy
Detroit River, Detroit MI, July 1, 1973

Chenoweth Takes Gar Wood Memorial

Chenoweth Takes Gar Wood Memorial

The unlimited hydros were at it again, and it was Mickey Remund in Pride of Pay 'N Pak and Dean Chenoweth in Miss Budweiser that grabbed the silver. The Gar Wood Memorial on the smooth Detroit River went to Miss Bud after some intense racing in front of 400,000 fans. Remund beat Chenoweth in the first heat, only to lose in the finals. Drama was added when Pay ‘n Pak sheared a propeller in a trial run three days before the event and ripped off much of the hull bottom. With the help of other teams, the crew worked for 60 hours straight to repair the damage.

Gar Wood Memorial: 1, Miss Budweiser, Dean Chenoweth, 1100; 2, Miss Pay 'N Pak, Mickey Remund, 1000; 3, Gale's Roostertail, Fred Alter, 925; 4, Red Man, Jim McCormick, 738; 5, Miss U.S., Tom D'Eath, 652.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, September 1973, p.120)

[NOTE: Remund's boat was known as just Pay 'n Pak, not Pride of Pay 'n Pak, a name used in previous years. óLF]

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