1973 Indiana Governor's Cup
Ohio River, Madison IN, July 8, 1973

Governor's Cup Goes to Pay 'n Pak

Governor's Cup Goes to Pay 'n Pak

The Governor's Cup Race in Madison, Indiana, which went to Pay ‘n Pak after Remund set new lap, race, and qualifying records to win his second race of the new season. Clicking off qualifying laps of 116 mph and averaging 106 mph in the first heat should have been a clue for the other teams, but the clincher came in the finals when both Miss Bud and Pay ‘n Pak had problems. Chenoweth had serious carburetion troubles, while Remund had the steering wheel disintegrate in his lands.

Governor's Cup: 1, Pay 'N Pak, 1200; 2, Miss Bud, 1100; 3, Lincoln Thrift, Danny Walls, 675; 4, Red Man, 525; 5, Mr. Fabricator, Tom Kaufman, 469.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, September 1973, p.120)

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