1975 Seafair Trophy
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 3, 1975

Qualifying Ladder

bullet Schumacher Tops Qualifiers
bullet Qualifying Ladder
bullet Lee 'Bites' Again
bullet Raised on Speed
bullet Seattle's Past Winners
bullet Hydros: Tradition Rich With Hassles
bullet Consistency
bullet Statistics
Boat (Driver) Qualifying speed
Weisfield's (Billy Schumacher) 122.615 m.p.h.
Pay 'n Pak (George Henley) 122.116 m.p.h.
Miss Budweiser (Mickey Remund) 121.786 m.p.h.
Miss U.S. (Tom D'Eath) 118.577 m.p.h.
Lincoln Thrift (Milner Irvin) 113.493 m.p h.
Atlas Van Lines (Bill Muncey) 111.801 m.p.h.
Hamm's Bear (Jerry Bangs) 109.090 m.p h.
Vernors (Bob Miller) 104.287 m.p.h.
Sunny Jim (Bill Wurster) unqualified
Oh, Boy! Oberto (Chuck Hickling) unqualified
Van's PX (Jack Schafer) unqualified
Miss Shenandoah (Roger D'Eath) unqualified
Mr. Fabricator (Tom Kaufman) unqualified
Shakey's Special (Tom Martin) unqualified

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times, August 1, 1975)

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