1976 Seafair Trophy
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 8, 1976

Summary of Seafair Race

bullet Sizzling Bud Gives Crew Rare Smile
bullet Billy Schumacher Brought Up On Water
bullet Miss U.S. — Second Place, But Best
bullet Hydro Racing Is the Pits
bullet Comeback Kid Pilots Bud to Win
bullet Summary of Seafair Race
bullet Statistics

Heat 1AAtlas Van Lines (Bill Muncey, La Mesa, Calif.), 107.759 m.p.h.; Olympia Beer (Billy Schumacher, Seattle), 105.733; Miss Van’s PX (Jack Schafer, Jr., Santa Ana, Calif.), 87.311; Miss Vernors (Jerry Bangs, Seattle), 57.640. Did not finish — Miss Budweiser (Mickey Remund, Palm Desert, Calif.)

Summary: Despite early starter’s gun, Budweiser made almost-perfect start down mid-chute with Atlas close behind on outside and Olympia about three lengths back on inside. Remund stretched lead over Atlas to 4 seconds after one lap and 6˝ after two, then lost prop shortly after starting Lap No. 3, coasting into infield near south turn. Atlas moved up to lead position and easily held off Oly to the finish. Van’s PX, after 78 m.p.h. first lap, was not serious contender. Vernors blew turbocharger shortly after start but finished heat.

Fastest lapBudwiser (Lap No. 1), 118.110.

Heat 1BMiss U.S. (Tom D’Eath, Fair Haven, Mich.), 105.695 m.p.h.; Sunny Jim (Johnnie Sanders, Denver), 99.845; Miss Lynnwood (Ron Snyder, Piqua, Ohio), 95.017; Barney Armstrong’s Machine (Chip Hanauer, Mercer Island), 91.987.

Summary: Miss U.S. took lead at start and widened it each time around, despite reducing speed about 2 m.p.h. per lap. Sunny Jim and Miss Lynnwood dueled briefly for second spot with Sanders prevailing, providing only interest in heat equal to Democratic National Convention for excitement. Armstrong’s Machine not a factor, but rookie kept it running.

Fastest lapU.S. (Lap No. 1); 109.890 m.p.h.

Heat 2AAtlas (Muncey), 104.234 m.p.h.; Sunny Jim (Sanders), 97.975; Van’s PX (Schafer), 84.836; Armstrong’s Machine (Hanauer), 91.631; Vernors (Bangs), 67.210.

Summary: Vernors, forced to back off momentarily to keep from lumping gun, showed superior chute speed using inside lane, beating Atlas through first turn and Initial lap by 2 seconds in best duel of day. Ginger-ale boat lost another turbocharger In south turn of Lap No. 2, allowing Atlas to cakewalk thereafter. Other three trolled from start. Vernors again completed heat slowly.

Fastest lapVernors (Lap No. 1), 116.279.

Heat 2BBudweiser (Remund), 112.444 m.p.h.; U.S. (‘D’Eath), 108.906; Olympia (Schumacher), 105.783; Lynnwood (Snyder), 97.108.

Summary: Bud and U.S. drivers played cat-and-mouse game while one-minute period ticked away. Olympia, Inside, and Budweiser, again at mid-course, throttled back to prevent premature start while U.S. closed gap. Bud broke out of south turn on top and stayed there. Oly, switching back to inside lane, attempted to overtake U.S. In north turn of Lap No. 3, but D’Eath shut door, forcing Schumacher to back off because of rough water and roostertail. Lynnwood, earning alternate spot in final heat by finishing fourth, could have bumped Bud out of final with higher finish.

Fastest lapBudweiser (Lap No. 1), 114.932.

Consolation heat — Miss Lynnwood (Snyder), speed unavailable. D.N.F. — R. Mikulski Advertising (Terry Turner), Oh, Boy! Oberto (Bill Wurster).

Summary: Only 3 of 7 eligible boats started. Mikulski (U-70) quit in first turn of first lap. Oberto cooked salami In north turn of same lap, Lynnwood finished three-lap "race" alone.

Fastest lap — charitably unrecorded.

Final heatBudweiser, 114.040; U.S.. 110.321; Sunny Jim, 99.867. Did not start — PX. D.N.F. — Atlas, Olympia.

Summary: Bud, U.S., Atlas and Oly closely bunched crossing line with Remund again taking lead. Atlas broke engine in south turn, ending Muncey’s hopes for 6th win of season. After one lap, Bud, Oly and U.S. were 1-2-3, but D’Eath overtook Schumacher heading up backstretch. Oly engine broke in north turn of Lap No. 2, with sizzling oil sending up puff of smoke. Bud crossed line final time while U.S. still exiting north turn with Sunny Jim another half lap back. Van’s PX conked out in north turn before race began.

Fastest lapBudweiser (Lap No. 1), 117.493 m.p.h.

Fastest average (three heats) — Miss U.S., 108.307.

Regatta points — U.S. 1,000, Sunny Jim 825, Atlas 800, Budweiser 800, Olympia 525, PX 450, Lynnwood 394, Armstrong’s 338, Vernors 296.

Season point totalsAtlas 8,825, U.S. 6,100, Olympia 5,871, Budweiser 5,402, Lynnwood-Madison 4,074, U-7 1,894, Vernors 1,744, Sunny Jim 1,669, U-66 1,257, Probe 694, U-70 450, Van’s PX 450, Armstrong’s 338, Dayton-Walther 300.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times August 9, 1976)

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