1977 Seafair Trophy
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 7, 1977

Seafair Summary

bullet Muncey Plucks Sixth Win
bullet Jerry Bangs: In Love With Unlimited Racing
bullet 10 Other Racers Have Died in Unlimiteds
bullet Seafair Summary
bullet Statistics

Heat 1AMiss Budweiser (Mickey Remund, Palm Desert, Calif.); 2. Miss Lynnwood Equipment (Ron Snyder, Piqua, Ohio): 3. Pay 'n Pak (Ron Armstrong, Lakewood. Calif.): 4. Huling’s People Mover (Chip Hanover, Port Townsend). Squire (Jerry Bangs, Seattle), did not finish (driver thrown from boat in south turn of fourth lap). Oh Boy! Oberto (Bill Wurster, Seattle, D.N.F. (engine threw rod, second lap). (No heat averages available, since race was stopped when Bangs was thrown into water; declared official finish, since boats had completed more than three laps.) Fastest lap: Budweiser, 108.597 m.p.h., first lap.

Heat 1B — 1. Atlas Van Lines (Bill Muncey, La Mesa, Calif.), 104.581 m.p.h.; 2. Anheuser-Busch Natural Light (Tom Sheehy, Miami), 95.344; 3. Barney Armstrong’s Machine (Jon Peddie, Madison, Md.), 92.436; 4. KYYX (Pete LaRock, Seattle), 87.556. Miss Van’s PX (Jack Schafer, Irvine, Calif.), did not start (engine flooded). Fastest lap: Atlas, 109.924, second lap.

Heat 2A — 1. Pay 'n Pak, 100.592; 2. Natural Light, 96.510; 3. Van’s PX, 94.065; 4. Huling’s, 85.110. Barney Armstrong’s, D.N.S. (broken rocker arm). Fastest lap: Pay 'n Pak, 103.896, third lap.

Heat 2B — 1. Budweiser, 106.994; 2. Lynnwood, 95.902; 3. KYYX, 93.762; 4.. Atlas, 93.227. Oberto, D.N.S. (Carburetor-priming problem). Fastest lap: Budweiser, 108.271, first lap.

Final Heat — 1. Atlas, 109.150; 2. Budweiser, 101.379; 3. KYYX, 81.199. Natural Light, Pay 'n Pak and Lynnwood Equipment, all D. N.F. (Points not awarded for boats not finishing, but fourth-place money awarded to Natural Light for going farther than Pay 'n Pak in fifth lap; Pak received fifth-place money, and Lynnwood got sixth-place prize.) Fastest lap: Atlas. 114.105, second lap.

National point standings: Budweiser 8,794, Atlas 8,190, Natural Light 6,700, Armstrong’s Machine 5,104, Squire 3,800, Huling’s 3,124, Miss Lynnwood 3,019, Elliott Dog Ration 1,426, Gemini 1,052, KYYX 1,271, Pay 'n Pak 1,025, Probe 975, Van’s PX 750, Santa Rita Homes 225. R. Mikulski Advertising 169.

Seafair Gran Prix, Limited Inboards

Buccaneer, John Leach, Federal Way; J-101, Gerold Miltner, Everett; Top Cat, Gary Williams, Brier; Copy Cat, Peter Thompson, Bellevue; Tangerine Machine, Wade Detillion, Kirkland; Super Showcase, Lanny Lindros, Redmond; Fantasia Too, Nick Badolato, Seattle; Renne or Nought, Steve LaCava, Redmond.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times, August 7, 1977)

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