1978 Squire Seafair Trophy
Lake Washington, Seattle WA, August 6, 1978

Seafair Race Recap

Heat 1A

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The Atlas Van Lines (Bill Muncey) and Barney Armstrong’s Machine (Chuck King) were first across the line but Muncey was penalized an extra lap for changing from lane six to lane four between the exit pin and the start. Muncey left everyone in his wake, but the battle for the real lead was between Barney Armstrong’s Machine and The Squire Shop’s U-64 (Chip Hanauer). King Passed Hanauer in the backstretch of lap 2. The Squire went dead in the south turn of lap 3 after blowing a turbocharger and Miss Bud moved into second. Muncey lapped Van’s PX and B&L Plumbing to take third.

1. Barney Armstrong’s Machine (King), 96.278 m.p.h. 2. Miss Bud (Bob Saniga) 94.015. 3. Atlas Van Lines (Muncey); 97.693. 4. Van’s PX (Jack Schafer, Jr.), 85.511. 5. B&L Plumbing (Fred Leland), 76.447. Fastest lap — Atlas 111.111 (3rd lap).

Heat 1B

Dr. Toyota led across the line, but Miss Budweiser quickly took charge and won the heat by 14 seconds over Miss Madison which was second all the way. Dr. Toyota and Tempus bumped in the south turn of the first lap, but both finished. Dr. Toyota sank in the pits and was through for the day. The Squire Shop’s U-65 was a comfortable third. All six boats finished.

1. Miss Budweiser (Ron Snyder), 97.188. 2. Miss Madison, 94.159. 3. The Squire Shop, U-65 (Pete LaRock) 90.814. 4. Tempus (Chuck Hickling), 84.722. 5. Dr. Toyota (Tom Martin). 81.973. 6. Elliott Dog Ration (Bob Miller), 78.560. Fast lap — Miss Budweiser, 102.564 (1st lap).

Heat 2A

Muncey took a cautious start across the line, outside and in fourth position, and dueled with The Squire Shop’s U-65 up the backstretch after the south turn. The Atlas held less than a 1 second lead after one lap but pulled away In the backstretch of lap 2 and held a nearly 10-second lead after two laps. Attention switched to the battle for second and third as Miss Bud pressed LaRock in The Squire hard but wound up less than a second behind at the checkered flag. Coming around the final turn, LaRock used the slower Tempus as a basketball-type screen and went inside while Miss Bud had to go wide. Elliott Dog Ration was a slow fourth. Tempus ran the distance but was disqualified for starting after the 1-minute gun had sounded. Van’s PX did not start.

1. Atlas Van Lines, 105.649. 2. The Squire Shop, U-65, 95.808, 3. Miss Bud, 95.639. 4. Elliott Dog Ration, 73.295: Disqualified Tempus. Did not start — Van’s PX. Fast lap — Atlas, 108.926 (5th lap).

Heat 2B

Hanauer in The Squire Shop’s U-64 was first across the tine followed by Miss Budweiser. Budweiser took charge for keeps in the first turn and from then on it was a parade. Barney Armstrong’s Machine was black-flagged because it wasn’t running on a plane.

1. Miss Budweiser, 98.316. 2. Squire Shop, U-64, 96.515. 3. Miss Madison, 89.832. 4. B&L Plumbing, 75.183. Black-flagged — Barney Armstrong’s Machine. Fast lap — Miss Budweiser, 100.418 (1st).


Muncey again was cautious, crossing the starting line fourth, but moved up along side the Squire Shop’s U-65 going into the first turn, just behind Miss Bud and Miss Budweiser. At the exit buoy of the turn, Muncey moved into the lead on the outside and never looked bock. At the end of the first lap, Muncey held nearly a 5-second lead over Miss Budweiser, with The Squire Shop’s U-65 third. The Squire Shop began to spew smoke (oil leak) and was passed by Miss Bud which challenged Miss Budweiser the rest of the way. The Squire Shop left a trail of increasingly dense gray smoke around the course, making it difficult for drivers to see buoys and other boats. The Squire finally stopped in lap 5. Miss Bud pressed Miss Budweiser but wound up 4 seconds behind. Muncey made two extra laps to insure the victory because he said he didn’t see the checkered flag after finishing 36.6 seconds ahead of Miss Budweiser.

1. Atlas Van Lines, 107.463. 2. Miss Budweiser, 98.495. 3. Miss Bud, 97.605. 4. Miss Madison, 91.476. 5. Barney Armstrong’s Machine, 74.303. Did not finish — The Squire Shop. Fastest lap — Atlas, 112.150 (2nd lap).

National boat standings — 1. Atlas Van Lines, 6,525 points. 2. Miss Budweiser, 4,575. 3. The Squire Shop, U-64, 2,865. 4. Miss Madison, 2,783. 5. Barney Armstrong’s Machine, U-96, 2,765. 6. Elliott Dog Ration, U-66, 2,123. 7. Probe, 1,950. 8. Miss Bud, 1,500. 9. U-7, 900. 10. Van’s PX, 694. 11. Oh Boy Oberto, 600. 12. The Squire Shop, U-65, 525. 13. B&L Plumbing, u-29, 296. 14. Tempus, 169. 15. Dr. Toyota, U-22, 127. (Atlas has clinched national championship.) ‘

National driver standings — 1. Bill Muncey, 6,-525. 2. Ron Snyder, 4,575. 3. Chip Hanauer, 2,865. 4. Chuck King, 2,638. 5. Milner Irvin, 2,219. 6. Bob Miller, 1,817. 7. Tom Martin, 1,779. 8. Bob Saniga, 1,500. 9. Jon Peddie, 1,264. 10. Steve Jones, 900. 11. Jack Schafer, Jr., 694. 12. Bob Maschmedt, 300.

(Reprinted from The Seattle Times, August 7, 1978)

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