1985 Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup
Ohio River, Madison IN, July 7, 1985

By Denny Jackson

Steve Reynolds and the Miss 7-Eleven stepped into the winner's circle at the Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup race in Madison, Indiana for the first time. Ninety degree temperatures greeted fans as they sat down for a thrilling day of racing along the banks of the Ohio River and they were not disappointed.

Chip Hanauer and his beautiful turbine, Miller American, were easily the favorites of the 35th renewal of the race with a qualification speed of 140.100 mph, a new course record. Most veteran. observers thought that a lap of 140 plus mph would be almost impossible to attain because of the long; straightaways and very tight turns. Hanauer seemed to do it effortlessly. Chip was followed by Reynolds in the 7-Eleven with a speed of 131.926, Miss Budweiser and Jim Kropfeld with a clocking of 130.077, followed by the Executone and Scott Pierce at 120.627. The home town favorite Miss Madison and rookie pilot Andy Coker was up next with a speed of 112.275. Rounding out the small, seven boat field was Oh Boy! Oberto and Jerry Hopp and Cellular One of Louisville with Todd Yarling with speeds of 105.597 and 105.436, respectively. Wil Muncey and his Boatracing Magazine once again failed to make the show.

In heat 1-A Miss Budweiser and the Oberto "staged" a deck to deck battle for three laps before Kropfeld pulled away from Hopp with two laps to go to win easily. Kropfeld's average speed for the heat was 98.704. Oberto with Hopp 94.406, Miss Madison came hone third at 89.228 and Cellular One at 88.753.

Had Yarling not been on the backstretch at the start he may have been able to capture second. from Hopp as he almost caught the Madison.

Heat 1-B was a thriller even though it had only three boats. Miller American and the 7-Eleven battled for two exciting laps before Hanauer and his Lucero built hull began to pull away.

The speed for lap one was 119.920 for the Miller and a 118.156 for the 7-Eleven. The finish of lap two saw Reynolds come across with a speed of 1230051 while Hanauer lost some ground but still led with a speed of 122.216. After that Hanauer began to pull away from the tiny field for the remainder of the heat. As Chip came out of turn four and headed for the checkered flag he began to slow down bringing the 90,000 attendees to their feet. Reynolds came around to take the win, waving triumphantly. Average speed for the 7-Eleven was 110.990 and Pierce at the helm of the Executone clocked 102.106. Hanauer found later he had broken a propeller.

Heat 2-A found another Miller-7-Eleven turbine battle but this time it was Miller ahead at the checkered flag with a speed of 1.19.836, followed by Reynolds and the 7-Eleven at 104.304, the Madison and Coker team with 98.002 with the Cellular One not finishing.

Heat 2-B was another thriller with the Budweiser and the Executone fighting it out for three exciting laps before Pierce and company pulled out in front to stay. Executone's speed was 102.552, Budweiser next at 99.659 and coming in a distant third was Jerry Hopp and the Oberto at 86.578.

Going into the final heat, three boats were tied in points. The Bud, 7-Eleven and the Executone were all totaled 700. The Oberto was next with 525 and the Miss Madison with 450. Miller and Hanauer were the alternate with 400.

The first lap of the final. was indeed a classic battle between the turbine and the piston engine. Reynolds couldn't shake Kropfeld on lap one as he averaged 123.253 to Jim's speed of 121.375. The race put on a new face after that as Reynolds pulled away from Kropfeld and the rest of the field.. The Bud began to settle for second when his oil pressure dropped causing the engine to blow. Kropfeld was now reduced to a spectator. At the finish it was Reynolds and 7-Eleven taking home the first Madison win in his career with an average speed of 118.137.

He was followed by Pierce and the Executone at 99.891, Hopp and. the Oberto caught Coker in the Madison napping as he blew by to take third at 96.264 against Andy's 96.001.

As the fleet packed up to move down river to Evansville, the circuit now had four winners in four races. At Evansville would someone repeat or would the 1985 Unlimited season see winner number 5?

1985 Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup



Heat 1

Heat 2

Heat 3


Miss 7-Eleven





Executone Telephones





Oh Boy! Oberto



-225/ 750

~-169/ 619


American Speedy Miss Madison





Miss Budweiser



DNF / 700


Miller American



- / 400


Cellular One



- / 169


Boatracing Magazine




(Reprinted from the Unlimited NewsJournal, July 1985)

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