1986 Bud Hydrocade
Delaware River, Philadelphia PA, August 24, 1986

Declared No Contest

High winds and rough water conditions took over and forced officials to declare the inaugural event in Philadelphia no contest. Six boats showed up hoping to up their season point total but the officials ultimately had the final word and no high points were awarded. Officially the race goes into the books as an exhibition.

Crown estimates ranged from 50,000 to 200,000, but as always who can you believe since no paid ticket figures are ever released. The setting was picturesque with the pits being in Camden, New Jersey and the start/finish line on the Philadelphia side of the Delaware River.

A good exhibition race was put on as the boats were grouped with the turbines in one heat and the pistons in the other. Close action was the highlight of both groups for the first time enthusiastic crowd. The 'piston' class consisted of the Oh Boy! Oberto, the U-22 Auto Sunroofs and the Holset/Miss Madison. In the 'turbine' field were the Miller American, Miss Budweiser and Miss 7-Eleven. The show lasted for as long as possible but the weather was just too much. The site appeared to be an ideal location with an enthusiastic crowd. The Unlimiteds will return to Philly in 1987 in an attempt to put on a real race.

(Reprinted from the Unlimited NewsJournal, September 1986)

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