1986 Emerald Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle WA,  August 3, 1986)

Hanauer Wins Again In Seattle
By Bill Curry

Chip Hanauer drove the Miller American turbine-powered unlimited to his second consecutive Seattle victory, fourth race win of 1986, and the 22nd regatta championship of his career. And he made it look easy!

Hanauer effortlessly won both of his preliminary heats and the Final Heat in front of a typically large Lake Washington gathering which, at the end of the day, couldn't tell you their own names, let alone who might have won the race.

For the second straight week, the Miller American-Miss Budweiser showdown never happened. Jim Kropfeld in his Miss Budweiser ran into a roostertail while playing cat and mouse with Hanauer in the infield. Kropfeld was trying to get the inside lane at the start and washed himself out of the race. After that it was all Miller American. Tom D'Eath ran a solid second throughout the heat in The Squire Shop. Scott Pierce gave chase in his Mr. Pringle's but had a third-place finish taken away and was disqualified for pinching off the field. Steve Reynolds finished a distant third in his Miss 7-Eleven. Milner Irvin ran abreast of Reynolds for several laps before his Frank Kenney boat broke down. Hanauer's average for the Final Heat was 119.481 mph.

Preliminary action started off in Heat 1A with Kropfeld and the Bud easily overtaking Miss Madison and Ron Snyder who made a good start, but blew the team's last engine and broke down. The Budweiser went on to a heat win but took several hard bounces in the north turn, tearing off some of the skin of the left sponson. Steve Reynolds made a brief challenge for first in the 7-Eleven but broke down. Jack Schafer in the Tempus also was sidelined with engine problems and a minor fire. Mr. Pringle's ran second and Cellular One third.

Another long-awaited showdown, this one between Tom D'Eath and Chip Hanauer, never really happened in Heat 1B. D'Eath gave chase to Hanauer for about half a lap on the 2-mile course before the turbine overpowered the Rolls-Royce Merlin. Miller American pulled away for the win and averaged 120.132 mph. Squire Shop took second. Rookie Mike Hanson ran a distant third in the KAMT-AM/AA Auto Parts. George Johnson failed to finish after being black flagged for running too slow in Oh Boy! Oberto. Milner Irvin's Frank Kenney also failed to finish.

In Heat 2A, Hanauer again had few problems winning. Milner Irvin ran second in the Frank Kenney for a couple of laps before Reynolds took over second in the 7-Eleven. Irvin held off Scott Pierce and his Mr. Pringle's hydro. Cellular One did not finish.

Repairs were made in time for Bud to win in Heat 2B, where Kropfeld and D'Eath dueled for a few laps before the Bud pulled away for another win. D'Eath ran second. Oh Boy! Oberto finished third after being black flagged at the end of the second lap. Johnson's speed for the heat was 46.3 mph. The Bud averaged 117.134 mph.

The race held few surprises. The season high-point race tightened up Miller 6469, Bud 6600. But you never know. The Bud Griffon's points might get added in if the race gets too close. But no, that wouldn't be fair!

The unlimiteds next head east to New York and Philadelphia, then west again to San Diego and Las Vegas. The eastern races should see a small field of Miller, Bud, 7Eleven, Miss Madison, the U-22, Oberto, and maybe Ed Cooper's hull. The west coast fields should be larger.

Budweiser Emerald Cup
Final Standings

Miller American



The Squire Shop



Miss 7-Eleven



Frank Kenney



Miss Budweiser



Mr. Pringle's



(Reprinted from the Unlimited NewsJournal, August 1986)

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