1986 Miller High Life Trophy
Mission Bay, San Diego CA, September 21, 1986

San Diego Before you read on, please check the date on your NewsJournal. Now that you know its not April 1 you can be told the results of the Miller High Life Thunderboat Regatta in San Diego, California. The race was won by Ron Armstrong in Bob Patterson's Miss Bahia (U-80). Todd Yarling took second in the U-22 running under the Coors banner for this race. Where were all the hot dogs you say? Well, the Miller American couldn't qualify. The Miss Budweiser took a second place in the first heat and was just short of finishing the second one out front when the drive shaft let go and the craft registered a DNF. In the final the beer boat was alternate number two but for some reason the boat was not ready in time and was not on a plane at the one minute gun. Miss Bahia made short work of the final field, leading from start to finish. The U-22 dueled with Tempus and the Holset/Miss Madison for a brief period until the U-6 developed problems and returned to the pit area. The Tempus went dead but still took third place money. The Miss 7-Eleven started but conked out before it could make a legal start as was the story with the Frank Kenney and Milner Irvin. The final heat seemed to be one that nobody wanted to win but I'm sure Ron Armstrong, Bob Patterson and one happy bunch of crew members would certainly disagree.

(Reprinted from the Unlimited Newsjournal, September 1986)

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