1990 Outrigger Hydrofest
Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, HI, November 11, 1990

Outrigger Top Gun Hydrofest in Honolulu

Veteran driver Tom D'Eath drove the Miss Budweiser to victory at Pearl Harbor in November 1990 to become the first ever 'Top Gun' champion....D'Eath (then) suffered a broken vertebrae in his neck as a result of a four-car accident in yet another race -- the 100-mile Sportsman's race in May at the Charlotte N.C. Speedway. Scott Pierce, who was originally scheduled to pilot the UR-5 this season, took the reins of the Miss Budweiser while D'Eath recovered from his injuries.

(Reprinted from the URC Electronic Hydroletter No. 34 11/2/95)

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