1998 Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup
Ohio River, Madison IN, September 5, 1998

Budweiser Indiana Governor's Cup Regatta
Ohio River, Madison IN September 5, 1998


Final Qualifying Order:

Qualifiying ended today for the 48th Annual Budweiser Indiana Governors Cup Race on the Ohio River in Madison, Ind.

Top qualifier was the Miss Budweiser driven by Dave Villwock with a best lap on the 2.5 mile course of 160.858 mph.

Second was the home town favorite, Mike Hanson in the Miss Madison at 149.975 mph.

Mike Weber in the U-9 Carpenter Communications qualified third at 148.449 mph.

The PICO American Dream upped their speed to 147.951 mph with N. Mark Evans driving.

U-2 running as Freddie's Club arrived late Friday night and qualified in the afternoon session with a speed of 142.980.

Sixth was the Miss Northwest Unlimited driven by Ken Muscatel at 141.855.

The piston powered U-3 Master Tire driven with Mark Weber is the final qualifier at 132.509 mph

*  *  *


Madison, Ind. (September 6, 1998)-The action of heat 1A began on the shores of the Ohio River when there was a sudden loss of power to the start/finish line judges stand where the PICO sponsored Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Association's clock is located.

The officials from the UHRA quickly responded and decided a flag start was in order for heats 1A and 1B.

In Heat 1A Dave Villwock in Bernie Little's Miss Budweiser maintained a one-and a half boat lead over the home town boat of Miss Madison. The Budweiser speed on the 2.5 mile course was 138.782 mph. Mike Hanson in the Miss Madison was 136.240 mph in the three lap heat. Third place went to Dr. Ken Muscatel in the Northwest Unlimited with an average speed of 130.909 mph. Fourth place went to Mark Weber in the Evansville entry of U-3 Master Tire at 115.949 mph.

Villwock said, "It is nice to have a second card if we have a problem, we want to give the fans a good show."

The flag start remained in effect for heat 1B. Mark Evans in the PICO American Dream came out of the first turn with the lead over the U-9 Carpenter Communications, driven by Mike Weber.

In heat 1B the 3 o'clock winds of Madison, came earlier, the PICO American Dream held onto the lead despite the strong up-river winds with a time of 133.679 mph. A surprisingly strong Carpenter Communications with Mike Weber finished second at 131.372 mph. Third went to a rough riding Freddie' s Club at 116.767 mph.


 Dave Villwock, U1, Miss Budweiser, 138.782mph 
 Mike Hanson, U6, Miss Madison, 136.240mph 
 Ken Muscatel, U14, Northwest Unlimited, 130.909mph 
 Mark Weber, U3, Master Tire, 115.949 


 N. Mark Evans, U100, PICO American Dream, 133.679mph 
 Mike Weber, U9, Carpenter Communications, 131.372mph 
 Steve David, U2, Freddie's Club, 116.767mph 

The draw for Heats 2A and 2B are the same as for Heats 1A and 1B.


Dave Villwock, U1, Miss Budweiser
Mike Hanson, U6, Miss Madison
Mark Weber, U3, Master Tire
Ken Muscatel, U14, Northwest Unlimited

N. Mark Evans, U100, PICO American Dream
Mike Weber, U9, Carpenter Communications
Steve David, U2, Freddie's Club/PrimeStar

N. Mark Evans, U100, PICO American Dream
Steve David, U2, Freddie's Club/PrimeStar
Mark Weber, U3, Master Tire
Mike Weber, U9, Carpenter Communications, DNS

Dave Villwock, U1, Miss Budweiser
Ken Muscatel, U14, Northwest Unlimited
Mike Hanson, U6, Miss Madison, DSQ

*  *  *



MADISON, Indiana--(September 6, 1998)--Dave Villwock, driving the Miss Budweiser, claimed another victory in the seventh race of the Ralphs Unlimited Hydroplane Thunder Tour presented by LAS VEGAS.

The PICO American Dream with Mark Evans driving pulled out in lane one, ahead of the Miss Budweiser as five boats stormed into the evening Indiana sun. Going into the back stretch, the PICO began to push the Budweiser out into the outside lanes, forcing Villwock into an outer course marker, dislodging the buoy.

By lap three, while officials discussed a possible violation, the PICO exited turn one and momentarily lost power, allowing the Budweiser to over take the PICO.

From there, it was all Bernie Little’s Miss Budweiser. Villwock averaged 140.730 mph on the 2.5 mile course.

On the final lap, Steve David in the Freddie’s Club hooked his boat, spinning it out of control and losing power. This, along with a one lap penalty issued to Evans for forcing Villwock outside of the course, opened the door for Dr. Ken Muscatel who posted a career best second place finish.

The home town boat, Miss Madison, with Mike Hanson driving finish third.

PICO finished fourth with an average of 115.145 mph, Freddie’s Club was fifth and the piston powered, Master Tire, driven by Mark Weber ran out of fuel before the end of the race.

A near-drowning on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River course forced a postponement of the final heat. Quick action by race site rescue personnel averted a possible tragedy.

The next unlimited race is September 18, 19, and 20 in San Diego, California.

(Reprinted from UHRA.com)

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