Thumbnail of Hurricane IV [1] (3814 bytes) Hurricane IV 2-G [1948-49]
Hurricane IV G-2 [1951-54]

"Owned by Morlan Visel, Hurricane, built in 1950 [sic], was a bright red boat with modified sponsons. She raced out of the Tahoe Yacht Club and ran a close duel with Slo-mo-shun IV for part of one heat of the 1952 Gold Cup. Later owned by Bill Stead of Reno, she exploded and burned with him at the wheel at Lake Tahoe. (Her recent claim to fame was a run-on part in the movie 'Magnificent Obsession.')"

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

Thumbnail of Hurricane IV [2] movie (4886 bytes) hurricane_iv.avi [6MB] COLOUR movie with sound (AVI format, 1 min 33 sec playing time)
hurricane_iv_3.ram [2.2 MB] COLOUR movie with sound (RealMedia G2 format, 1 min 33 sec playing time)

Bill Stead on Lake Arrowhead, CA 1953.

[Note: Using MGI VideoWave I did a vidcap of the opening scenes of "Magnificent Obsession (1954)". I then re-edited the sequence, added titles and converted to AVI format. This is a large file. It will take a while to download but I think you'll like it.-LF]

[Further note: Using RealProducer I took the AVI file above and converted it to RealMedia G2 format, saving a ton of file space. This is an experiment. Let me know how it works for you. -LF]

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