Such Crust IV (1) on a slingSuch Crust IV (1) G-7 [1952-53]

"This Staudacher-built boat entered the racing scene in 1952. She measures 29 feet in length, and is 11-1/2 feet wide. Owned by Jack Schafer, a bakery owner in Detroit, she raced out of the Detroit Yacht Club. Such Crust IV exploded and burned during the 1952 Gold Cup Race, seriously injuring driver Bill Cantrell. After remaining in storage for seven years the boat was sold in 1959 to George Zigas of Detroit who plans to race her under the name of Thunderbolt."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

Such Crust IV (1) burning during the 1952 APBA Gold Cup in SeattleSuch Crust IV burning during the 1952 Gold Cup on Lake Washington. At the first turn of second heat Such Crust exploded, tossing Bill Cantrell into the water. Burns required surgery and a hospital stay.
Such Crust IV (1) burning during the 1952 APBA Gold Cup in SeattleBill Cantrell is rescued from the burning boat.
Thunderbolt (2), Detroit, 1960

Thunderbolt (2) U-18 [1960-62]

Campaigning from 1960-1962, Walt Kade and Bud Saile were the drivers.

Rarely ventured outside of the state of Michigan. Their best finishes were a second in the 1960 St. Clair International Trophy and a fifth in the 1960 Silver Cup.


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