Scooter Too, Seattle 1955

U-10 Scooter Too

Owner - Henry Kaiser
Designer / Builder - Bart Carter
Length - 28 ft
Beam - 12 ft 4 in
Hull - 3 pointer
Colours - mahogany with white tail
Weight - 5,200
Power - W 24 cyl Allison
Driver - Jack Regas

Best finish - 3rd

Sank at Seattle after hitting milk bottle

Scooter Too / Tri-Tomic / Adios / Miss Moses Lake / Miss Tri-Cities (1)
Hydro Fan Restoring Tri-City Landmark
The Construction [1955] and Reconstruction [2001] of Scooter Too
History of Scooter Too
Scooter TooScooter Too, 1956 SeattleScooter Too, Seattle, 1956 Scooter Too, 1956 Seattle
1956 Colours - Kai-styled, orange & white persimmon
Driver - Jack Regas

Best finish - 3rd

Sank at Seattle (again)

Tri-Tomic (?), Tri-Cities 1957?

U-10 Tri-Tomic

Owner - Stan Adams.
Detail - High rounded tail fin with circle.

[Note: I believe that the boat was named Tri-Tomic when she sank at Tri-Cities, as shown here. If anyone has further information on this event please contact me. --LF]

Adios, 1958


U-10 Adios

Colours - white with black angular tail fin
Driver - George McKernan

Best finish - DNF


Adios, 1957 or 1958

Miss Moses Lake, 1958

1958 U-26 Miss Moses Lake

Owner - George Gilham
Colours - white with red
Driver - Norm Evans

Best finish - 3rd


Miss Tri-Cities (1), 1959
1959 U-26 Miss Tri-Cities (1)

Driver - Red Loomis

Displayed on pedestal at Columbia Park


Miss Tri-Cities (1), 1959
1960's Colour - white with gold trim
1970's Colour - all gold
1980's Colour - all light blue
2001 Under restoration in Tri-Cities as Scooter Too


Competition Record
Scooter Too DNC 1955 APBA Gold Cup Seattle, WA
  3 1955 Mapes Mile-High Gold Cup Tahoe City, CA
  3 1956 Mapes Mile-High Gold Cup Tahoe City, CA
  DNF 1956 Seafair Trophy Seattle, WA
Adios DNF 1957 Mapes Mile-High Gold Cup Tahoe City, CA
  8 1958 Diamond Cup Coeur D'Alene, ID
Miss Moses Lake 3 1958 Sahara Cup Las Vegas, CA
Miss Tri-Cities (1) DNQ 1959 APBA Gold Cup Seattle, WA

"As Scooter Too, Adios had a reputation as a 'submarine,' having sunk six times in her career. Built by Bart Carter in 1954 after considerable study of Slo-mo-shun IV, Adios measures 28 feet, has a 12-foot-4-inch beam and weighs 7,200 [?-LF] pounds. Her engine is a W-24 Allison. As Adios she was sponsored by a Tri-Cities syndicate in Eastern Washington. In 1958 she was bought by George Gilham of Oregon and raced as Miss Moses Lake. Adios' colors are black and white and she flies the burgee of the Tri-Cities Yacht Club. As Scooter Too she won the Lake Tahoe Mapes Trophy in 1954 [sic]."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

[Note: It was not Scooter Too, but rather the original Scooter, a converted pleasure craft, that won the 1954 Mapes Trophy. —LF]

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