Gale V (2), 1956


U-55 Gale V (2) (USA )

Owner - Joe Schoenith (Detroit)
Designer Builder - Les Staudacher
Length - 29ft
Beam - 11ft 8in
Hull - 3 point
Detail - straight hull chine, step tail fin, Nat'l Badge on hood; runboards late season
Colours - mahogany & lime green
Weight - 4,600
Power - V12 Allison
Driver - Bill Cantrell

Best finish - 4th

Gale V (2), 1956
Gale V (2), 1957

Photo: John Van Proeyen from the Ronald Van Proeyen Collection



Colours - same, no High Point Badge
Driver - Bill Cantrell

Best finish - 6th

Gale V was the first boat in modern times to use three different drivers in a single race:

"At the 1957 Gold Cup, Bill Cantrell drove Gale V in the first heat of the day. Cantrell then relinquished the cockpit to Lee Schoenith who handled her in Heat Two. Lee then turned the wheel over to Roy Duby for the Final Heat . The boat performed so erratically for all three of the Gale racing team drivers that she was promptly retired. They never campaigned her again. The second Gale V showed up a few years later as Leo Mucutza's Yeller Jacket and as Jack Schafer's Such Crust IV." —Fred Farley


U - 81 Yeller Jacket

Owner - Leo Mucutza (Detroit)
Colours - mahogany with yellow, black & white
Driver - Leo Mucutza



U-81 Such Crust IV (2)

Boat leased to Jack Schafer

Detail - drop sponsons
Colours - mahogany
Driver - Leo Mucutza

Best finish - 7th

Such Crust IV (2), 1961 Gold Cup (Reno) 61 U-70

Best finish - 2nd

Boat destroyed at 1961 President's Cup with Fred Alter at the wheel.

Such Crust IV (2), 1961 President's Cup
Such Crust IV (2), 1961 President's Cup

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