Miss Rocket [Photo  Kirk Pagel]


U-19 Miss Rocket ( USA )

Owner - Austin Snell (Tacoma)
Designer Builder - Les Staudacher (rebuilt by Anchor Jensen)
- 29ft
Beam - 12ft
Hull - 3 point
Colours - mahogany deck with red & white
Power - V12 Allison
Weight - 4,700
Drivers - Lloyd Jett, Ron Larson & Marion Cooper

B/F - 12th

Miss Rocket, 1957
Miss Rocket, 1957
 Coral Reef


U-19 Coral Reef

Driver - Harry Reeves

B/F - 2nd

Boat finished 2nd in Gold Cup race

Coral Reef
Coral Reef later:
- "Trade Mark" on tail fin


Driver - Harry Reeves

B/F - 8th

  Coral Reef, 1960 Seattle


Power - V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin
Driver - Harry Reeves 

B/F - 9th







Colours - coral, seafoam green with light blue cowl
Power - Daimler Benz DB - 601E (German-Swedish)
- Norm Evans



U-19 (no name)

Owner - Art Douglas
Driver - Russ Schleeh (did not race)

Miss San Diego


U-19 Miss San Diego

Owner - Robert (Bob) Fendler (Calif. )
Colours - mahogany with orange tail
Drivers - Bob Fendler & Warner Gardner 

B/F - 2nd

 Wayfarers Club Lady


U-19 Wayfarers Club Lady

Detail - Large No's
Colours - black with silver & gold
Power - V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin
Driver - Bob Fendler

B/F - 5th


Detail - small U no's
Colours - same with white trim
Drivers - Bob Fendler & Jim McCormick

B/F - 3rd


U-19 'Lincoln Thrift' Miss

Owner - R. (Bob) Fendler (Arizona)
Colours - black with white letters
Driver - did not race

 Atlas Van Lines (3)


U-19 Atlas Van Lines (3)

Colours - white with green checks, red 'Atlas'
Drivers - Earl Wham & Jim McCormick

B/F - 2nd



U-19 Atlas Van Lines II (1)

Colours - white with dark green, no checks
Detail - at Detroit trials, U on bow, "II" on tail

Atlas Van Lines II (1), Madison 1970 [tail]  

U-19 Atlas Van Lines I

Detail - at Detroit race, II filled into I
- Bob Gilliam & Terry Sterett

B/F - 5th



Driver - (unknown)



Boat did not race



U-19 Lincoln Thrift 1

Colours - yellow & blue
Display hull - (did not race)



U-19 (no name)

Owner - Bob Warner (Burien, Wa.)



Owner - Fred Leland (Seattle)


U-19 What A Rush Racing Team

Owner - Gary Hayes (Renton)
Hull - rebuilding, moved to Shelton, Wa.

Miss Rocket U-19 [1957]

"Miss Rocket was designed and built by Les Staudacher in 1957 for owner Austin Snell of Tacoma and is affiliated with the Totem Yacht Club, Tacoma, Wash. The mahogany-and-white craft measures 29 feet, has a 12-foot beam and weighs 4,700 pounds. She is powered by an Allison 113 engine. In her second year, her name was changed to Coral Reef to correspond to the name of Snell's fuel business."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

Coral Reef U-19 [1958-62]

"The former Miss Rocket is owned by Austin Snell of Tacoma, Wash. Coral Reef was designed and built by Les Staudacher in Bay City,. Mich. She measures 29 feet, has a 12-foot beam, weighs 4,700 pounds and is equipped with an Allison 113 engine. Coral Reef flies the burgee of the Totem Yacht Club, Tacoma. Her colors are natural mahogany with coral, white and seafoam green."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

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