Miss U, 1957 program


U - 24 Miss U (Miss University District) (USA)
(also Swenson's Special)

Owner - Armand Swenson (Seattle)
Designer Builder - Armand Swenson
Length - 25ft 2in
Beam - 8ft
Weight - 1,350
Power - 6cyl. Ranger
Colour - white with purple & gold trim
Driver - Del Fanning


Miss U, 1957
Miss U, 1957



Colours - yellow & white


U-45 The Gun Boat (Colt)

Hull - rebuilt sponsons
Colour - all white

Boat at Armand Swenson's home in California



Acquired by Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum, Seattle

Miss U [with photos]
A One-Point Hydroplane
A Hull Profile: Miss U
Yes, Virginia, There Was -- And Is -- A Miss U


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