A One-Point Hydroplane [1957]

Miss U [with photos]
A One-Point Hydroplane
A Hull Profile: Miss U
Yes, Virginia, There Was -- And Is -- A Miss U

A radically new hull type for a high speed hydroplane has been designed and is being built by Armand Swenson, Seattle gunsmith and boat hobbyist. When it is launched this spring, it may bear the name of Miss U or Miss University District.

Swenson calls his boat a one-pointer. He explains the difference between his boat and a three-pointer: "The three-pointers are just that. They ride on the tail and the two sponsons. My hydro will ride along on one point — the props. At high speeds only the props and the rudder will be in the water.

"Two propellers, which are side by side and turn in opposite directions, are in the forward third of the boat. The prop in the three-pointer is in the stern."

Instead of sponsons, Swenson has short outriggers which he calls "spontoons." Vertical and horizontal stabilizers in the tail section will lend stability to the craft. Swenson said that the boat can neither backflip nor frontflip because the mass of the area is in the rear of the center of gravity.

Swenson looks toward installing an engine in May. He has a choice of a 350-hp DeSoto V-8 (fuel injection on all), a six-cylinder engine and a 12-cylinder Fairchild Ranger aircraft engine. He hope to launch the boat in June. The new boat is 25-ft. 2 in.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, May 1957)

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