Miss Bardahl (2) construction, 1958
1958 construction (note no 'Bardahl' on deck)


U-40 Miss Bardahl (2) ( USA )

Owner - Ole Bardahl (Seattle)
Designer -Ted Jones
Builder - Ted & Ron Jones
Length - 30ft 
Beam - 12ft
Hull - 3 pointer
Detail - Queen City Yacht Club burgee; Bardahl oil can in fluted circle on tail
 'Bardahl' on deck after Chelan
Colours - metallic green deck with black scallops, yellow sides, black lettering with white piping, white deck lettering
- V-12 Allison 
Weight - 6,170
Crew Chief - Del Gould
Drivers- Norm Evans & Mira Slovak

Winner of Apple Cup (maiden race); National S/S races
Winner of the National Championship

Construction photos:
Recipe for a Hydroplane -- First You Take $30,000

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1958 Apple Cup, Miss Bardahl (2)
1958 Apple Cup
Miss Bardahl (2), 1958 Apple Cup
1958 Apple Cup
Miss Bardahl (2), Seattle 1958
1958 Seattle
Miss Bardahl (2), Seattle 1958 [Photo  Kirk Pagel]
1958 Seattle

Miss Bardahl (2), Seattle 1959 (early season)
1959 Seattle (early season)


Rebuilt by Jensen Motor Boat Company before beginning of 1959 season
- High Point Badge; Queen City Yacht Club burgee moved ahead of cockpit before Seattle [and would remain there at least through 1961]; slant firewall
B/F - 2nd
Power – V-12 Rolls-Royce Merlin
Drivers - Jack Regas, Bill Brow & George McKernan
Jack Regas injured at Diamond Cup in Idaho

Miss Bardahl (2), 1959 [Photo  Kirk Pagel]
1959 [Kirk Pagel photo]


Detail - back to plastic tail fin
Drivers - Jim McGuire & Bill Brow

B/F - 2nd

Miss Bardahl (2), Seattle 1961
1961 Seattle


Crew Chief - Leo Van Den Berg
Driver - Ron Musson

Winner of World Championship - 106.02 mph Seattle

Winner of Silver Cup race in Detroit

Mid 1960's

Boat was used as display

Colours - green with yellow tail fin

1970's to 1990's

Boat at the Goodwill Industries in Seattle

Colours - green, tail yellow with olive green trim; squared boat numbers

Miss Bardahl (2), 2000 Seattle restoration
2000 Seattle restoration (note Seattle Yacht Club burgee)


Restored by Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum to approximately 1958 configuration (with 1960 green paint and Seattle Yacht Club burgee).
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1958 Miss Bardahl Restoration Project on the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum website (includes photos of boat configuration when retrieved from the Seattle Goodwill)
Relaunch of the Miss Bardahl on the Bardahl website
1958 Miss Bardahl photos page on Jim Clark's Miss Bardahl website

"During the year of her construction, 1958, Miss Bardahl won the Apple Cup, the Rogers Memorial Trophy, the National Sweepstakes Perpetual Trophy and was National High Point Champion with 2075 points. The green-yellow-and-black boat was designed and built by Ted Jones Craft in Seattle and is owned by additive oil manufacturer Ole Bardahl, Seattle. Powered by an Allison in 1958, she switched to a Rolls Royce Merlin engine in 1959. She measures 30 feet long with a 12-foot beam and races under the burgee of the Queen City Yacht Club, Seattle."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

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