Miss Pay'n Save launching Seattle 1958
Launching, Seattle 1958


U-47 Miss Pay'n Save (USA )

Owners - Hydro's Inc. (Seattle) (Anderson, Stoen & Ausland)
Designer - Ted Jones
Builder - Les Staudacher
Detail - stripes on trailing edge of right sponson only when launched; stripes added to trailing edge of left sponson before Diamond Cup; Seattle Yacht Club burgee added to tail by Seattle
Weight - 5980
Colours - mahogany hull with blue & gray tail
Power - V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin
Driver - Al Bensen

B/F - 9th

Miss Pay'n Save, early 1958
Early 1958
Miss Pay'n Save, Seattle 1958
Seattle 1958

Miss Pay'n Save


Colours - equal width stripes on tail
Drivers - Chuck Hickling & Mira Slovak

Winner of the Apple Cup in Chelan, Wa:

Miss Pay'n Save, 1959 [Photo  Kirk Pagel]
1959 [Photo Kirk Pagel]

[no photos available of this configuration at this time]


U-47 Miss Seattle Too

Owners - Stoen.Bros (Seattle)
Colours - mahogany with red & white trim
Driver - Dallas Sartz

B/F - 3rd

Miss Seattle Too, Seattle 1960
1960 Seattle


Detail- red & white checkered tail
Colours - red & white
Drivers - Dallas Sartz & Norm Evans
Winner of the Diamond Cup in Idaho

Miss Seattle Too, 1961


Driver - Dallas-Sartz

B/F - 5th

Miss Seattle Too [Roger Newton collection]

[no photos available of this configuration at this time]


Colours - same but with white sides
Drivers - Dallas Sartz & Bill Brow
B/F - 3rd

Miss Seattle Too, disintegration during first lap of 1962 Gold Cup
Disintegration during first lap of 1962 Gold Cup
Boat destroyed in Seattle at Gold-Cup race. Dallas Sartz was injured.

"Winner of the 1959 Apple Cup Race, Miss Pay'n Save is powered by a Rolls Merlin engine and measures 30 feet in length, and has a 12-foot beam. The mahogany, light and dark blue boat has Hallet or 'drop' type sponsons and was designed and built by Les Staudacher in 1958 for Hydroplanes, Inc., of Seattle. She is sponsored by Seattle's Pay'n Save Drug Store chain and flies the burgee of the Seattle Yacht Club."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

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