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$ Bill (1), U-21


U-21 $ Bill (1st) ( USA )

Owner - Bill Schuyler (Calif.)
Designer Builder - Fred Wickens
Length - 30ft
Beam - 11ft 6in
Hull - 3 pointer
Colours - Yellow, Cream, Purple, Mahogany & Blue
Power - V12 Allison
Weight - 6,000
Driver - Ray Crawford


"A new boat for the 1959 season, $ Bill has been under construction for three years, and is an enlarged copy of owner Lawrence "Bill" Schuyler's 266 cubic incher of the same name which set records and won the Seafair Trophy Race in 1955 for limited hydroplanes. She measures 30 feet, has an 11-foot beam and was built by Fred Wickens. She is powered by an Allison engine with fuel injection. The cowl and tail fin has a bright yellow burning fire design, and the remainder of the boat is purple and blue."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

$ Bill (1), U-21
$ Bill (1), U-21
$ Bill (1), U-21


Driver - Ray Crawford

B/F - 6th



Detail - cut-away nose cowl, no engine hood
Drivers - Red Loomis, Bob Larson & Bob Gilliam

B/F - 7th

[no pic available at this time]


U-45 The Wanderer

Owners - Ron Kasper & Ken Murphy (Calif.)
Colours - dark Green with White tail
Driver - Ron Kasper


Boat destroyed in time trials at Seattle, Washington, 1969.

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