U-66 Miss United States III (USA)

Miss United States III

Owner - Robert B. Evans
Designer - George Eddy (with consultant Douglas Patten)
Length - 36ft 
Beam - 12ft
Colours - red & white 
Weight - 11,800 (some sources say 13,000)
Power - two V-12 Packard marine engines (app. 3,000-3,600 hp total) side by side, with two gear-boxes with counter-rotating propellers

Renamed Miss Stars and Stripes [??].

Miss United States III
"This radical-appearing boat is not for competition, but straightaway runs. She is 36 feet long, has a 12-foot beam and has three high-speed planing surfaces. Miss United States III is owned by the Precision Scientific Co., Chicago. She is powered by twin supercharged American designed 12-cylinder Packard (PT type) engines. Her designers are George Eddy and Douglas Van Patten. She came upon the racing scene in 1959 after being built in extreme secrecy."

(Reprinted from This is Hydroplaning by Paul Lowney [1959])

Miss United States III
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