The International Motor Boat Union [1908]

An International Association

The invitations issued by the Motor Yacht Club to the various bodies interested in motor-boat racing, both in this country and abroad, to attend a congress in London yesterday met with a ready response, a representative gathering of delegates assembling. The meeting was held at the Royal Automobile Club, Piccadilly, under the presidency of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. The Automobile Club of France was represented by Count Recope, the president of its marine committee, and the International Sporting Club of Monaco by M. Georges Prade and M. Leon Demanest. Professor Busley was present as one of the delegates of the German Motor Yacht Association, at whose request the Motor Yacht Club consented to call the congress. Among other delegates of foreign bodies were Mr. Linton Hope, who has been appointed by the Royal Belgian Yacht Club to represent its interests. The Marine Motor Association, the governing body in this country in matters pertaining to rules for racing and rating, sent its president, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Captain R. T. Dixon, and Mr. O. B. Colls. There were also present Mr. L. M. Waterhouse and Mr. F. May (British Motor Boat Club), Mr. J. W. Ward (Motor Boat Club of Belgium), Mr. F. P. Armstrong and Mr. Lionel de Rothschild (Motor Yacht Club), Mr. Barrett (Motor Yacht Club of Ireland), Lieutenant O. Sumner (Royal Italian Yacht Club), M. Six (Royal Netherlands Yacht Club), Mr. Lawrence (Scottish Marine Motor Association), Lieutenant Rasch (Motor Yacht Club of Germany), Mr. H. Van Foreest (Dutch Motor Boat Club), and Commander Mansfield Cumming (Arachon). The object for which the congress was called was to consider the question of the adoption of international racing and rating rules and the formation of an international association.

After long discussions the following resolutions were carried, in each case by a considerable majority:

  1. "That it is advisable in the interests of the sport of motor-boat racing, and particularly with a view of facilitating the holding of international contests, that international measurement and racing rules be formulated, as has been done in the case of the kindred sport of yacht racing."
  2. "That it is advisable that an international association be formed on a national representative basis for the purpose of drawing up and administering such international rules."
  3. "That all properly constituted clubs and organizations which take an active part in the encouragement of marine motoring be asked to consider resolutions (a) and (b) adopted by this meeting, and to signify within a period of three months their approval of the same, and that a further meeting be held early in May next to receive such replies, and if deemed advisable to proceed with the formation of the international association."
  4. "That a preliminary committee be formed for the purpose of communicating with the clubs concerned and making the necessary arrangements for the next meeting."
  5. "For the future the international delegates will not recognize any other international organization."

(Transcribed from the Times of London, Jan. 30, 1908, p. 11.)

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