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The next International Conference on Motor-boat Racing will be held at the A.C. de France on June 6, Paris having been chosen as the place of meeting to suit the convenience of the numerous foreign delegates who were present at the conference held at the invitation of the Motor Yacht Club in London on January 29 last. All the German clubs will be represented, the differences that have hitherto existed between them having been satisfactorily been settled. The Motor Yacht Club has been informed that the German voting delegates will be Herr Buxenstein, a member of the council of the German Motor Yacht Association and a member of the council of the German Automobile Club; Herr Shelto Douglas, the vice-president of the Motor Yacht Club of Germany; and Professor Busley, the president of the German Motor Yacht Association. In addition Germany will send two or three experts on rating questions. The object of the meeting is to form an international association on the lines approved at the London conference, and the result should be to place the sport on a firm basis.

The Motor Yacht Club has recently received and accession of strength by the affiliation to it of the Sussex Motor Boat Club. To mark the fresh alliance two inter-club races will be held on the occasion of the Sussex Club's annual regatta, which is fixed for July 14, 15 and 16. The first will be a race on July 13 from the Enchantress to Brighton for a cup presented by the Sussex club, and the second on July 17 from Brighton to the Enchantress for prizes presented by the M.Y.C.

The M.Y.C. racing programme for the coming season is in the printer's hands, and will be issued to members before the end of the week. it will be found that two or three races have been fixed for every Saturday until the end of September, but the leading fixtures may be summarized as follows:--June 27, motor-boat gymkhana; July 4, eliminating trial to choose British representatives for the B.I. Cup; eliminating trials to choose British representatives for the Olympic Races; July 11, Olympic Races and a handicap for auxiliary cruisers; July 13, Enchantress to Brighton; July 18, races for M.M.A. classes B and C, and for the M.Y.C. restricted classes, and a scouting competition; July 30 and 31, annual efficiency trials; August 28 and 29, annual regatta; September --, sea mile challenge trophy and motor boat gymkhana. There will be several races for auxiliary cruisers during the season, including the race for the Johore Challenge Cup, which will be one of the events decided during Cowes Week.

(Transcribed from the Times of London, May 12, 1908, p. 14. )

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