1967 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 6, 1967

Newest Miss Bardahl Wins Gold Cup

"I Drive Just Fast Enough to Win"
Miss Bardahl Easily Takes Gold Cup Honors
Newest Miss Bardahl Wins Gold Cup
Miss Bardahl Takes Gold Cup
Miss Bardahl Wins Gold Cup

Miss Bardahl the new unlimited hydroplane belonging to Ole Bardahl, won the coveted Gold Cup on August 6, as the famed race returned to Lake Washington in Seattle. Young Billy Schumacher drove to his first Gold Cup victory; the average speed 101.484 mph. Miss Lapeer, Detroit, was second; third place went to the legendary Bill Muncey in Miss U.S. The chain of Unlimiteds in crackups continued. "Little Jack" Jack Regas, in comeback, whipped Notre Dame into the lead in heat 1-A, the craft became airborne, Regas was thrown out, the hull broke up. Chuck Hickling, driving Harrah's Club, couldn't avoid the wreckage. Both boats sank. Both drivers suffered broken ribs. Bardahl won three heats, was second in the finale, and first overall on 1200 points. The full story will be in October SEA.

(Reprinted from Sea and Pacific Motor Boat, September 1967, p. 102)

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