1967 APBA Gold Cup
Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington, August 6, 1967

Miss Bardahl Takes Gold Cup

"I Drive Just Fast Enough to Win"
Miss Bardahl Easily Takes Gold Cup Honors
Newest Miss Bardahl Wins Gold Cup
Miss Bardahl Takes Gold Cup
Miss Bardahl Wins Gold Cup

The Gold Cup plus $11,000 in prize money and gifts went to Miss Bardahl in the 59th running of the supreme award for the world's fastest propeller driven craft. No other could match the Rolls-powered craft on the waters of Lake Washington, Seattle, on Aug. 6.

Driven by 24-year-old Billy Schumacher, the Seattle hydro won three heats and added a second place finish in the final to give Bardahl her 4th Gold Cup in the past five years. Miss Lapeer of Detroit finishing a strong second followed by George Simon's Miss US, also of the motor city.

A spectacular accident at 160 m.p.h. in the first six seconds of the race destroyed two boats and sent their veteran drivers to the hospital with multiple injuries. Just 600 yards past the starting line Notre Dame became airborne, then crashed bow first, throwing driver Jack Regas into the water. Chuck Hickling, driving Harrah's Club, the defending Gold Cup and national champion, was following Notre Dane. To avoid Regas in the water directly ahead, Hickling steered sharply to the right. Crashing over the empty craft, Harrah's Club flew 100 yards before plunging to the bottom, her driver also thrown. Both Regas and Hickling were rescued and at last report in satisfactory condition.

Final Point Standings:
1. Miss Bardahl-1,500 points;
2. Miss Lapeer -1,325 points;
3. Miss U.S.-1,150 points;
4. Miss Budureiser-1,052;
5. Atlas Van Lines-765 points;
6. Wayfarers Club-52l points;
7. Hilton Hyperlube--450 points;
8. Savairs Probe-427 points;
9. Savairs Mist-338 points;
10. Miss Chrysler Cre-300 points.

My Gypsy, Harrah's Club and Notre Dame did not score.

—Bob Brinton

(Reprinted from Yachting, September 1967, pp. 201-211)

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