1906 Palm Beach Regatta
Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Florida, January 30-February 2, 1906

Low-Powered Boats Win

High Raters Have No Chance In The Palm Beach Races

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 1.---The third day of the motor boat carnival here was again marked by close finishes and good contests. Again the lower-powered boats, aided by their liberal handicaps, were able to walk away with first honors in every event. There has been much criticism of the handicapping. Of course the regatta officials could do nothing to relieve the conditions, as the Power Boat Association scale had to be applied according to the race conditions.

The races contested to-day were three. In the four-and-a-half-mile contest Lieut. H. L. Willoughby's Twentieth Century was the winner, beating W. F. Hoffstetter's Mera by 20 seconds. Tyler Morse's Allon, the winner of the first and second day races, was third.

In the ten-mile race F. B. Collins's Comet was the winner, beating George E. Andrews's Shadow by less than a minute. A. D. Proctor Smith had hard luck with his Simplex III, and was disqualified again, while B. M. Sperry's Dorothy suffered similarly.

The high-powered boats as a rule were withdrawn from the fifteen-mile race that ended the day's programme. Nine boats were sent away. F. M. Rice's little Coo was declared the winner, beating Tyler Morse's Allon by 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Much disappointment was expressed at the continued failure of the Dixie to appear. it is not now believed she will compete at all. To-morrow ends the racing. The summary of to-day's races follows:

Boat and Owner Time Boat and Owner Time Boat and Owner Time
Comet, F. B. Collins 1:06:49 Twentieth Century, H. L. Willoughby 21:12 Coo, F. M. Rice 1:40:55
Shadow, George E. Andrews 1:07:44 Mera, W. F. Hoffstetter 21:32 Allon, Tyler Morse 1:42:07
Mera, W. F. Hoffstetter 1:07:58 Allon, Tyler Morse 22:11 Possum, H. L. Willoughby 1:42:16
Possum, H. L. Willoughby 1:08:13 Comet, F. B. Collins 22:26 Twenty Three, George Gingras 1:42:17
Simplex III, A. D. Proctor Smith Disqualified Limit, Grant Ferris 22:38 Mera, W. F. Hoffstetter 1:42:52
Twenty Three, George Gingras 1:09:41 Possum, H. L. Willoughby 23:00 Comet, F. B. Collins 1:43:21
Dorothy, B. M. Sperry Disqualified     Shadow, George E. Andrews 1:44:04
Coo, F. M. Rice 1:10:30     Blanche, C. S. Coggin 1:44:23
Mercedes, H. L. Bowden 1:11:50     Meteor 1:47:00
Meteor 1:18:27        
Bruiser 1:20:17        
Twentieth Century, H. L. Willoughby Did not finish        
Allon, Tyler Morse Did not finish        
Blanche, C. S. Coggin Did not finish        

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Feb. 2, 1906, p. 8)

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