1908 Hudson River Carnival

Motor Boat Cups Go To Dixie II
Wins Three Trophies, Including International Cup, in Motorboat Carnival
Racing Week on the Hudson River Closes With Illuminated Parade in the Evening

Motorboat Vision Lost
Motorboat Dixie II Makes Mile Record

Dixie II Captures More Speed Honors

Motorboat Races End In Protests

Dixie II and Vim Win

Motorboats Show Good Racing Speed

Motor Boat Cups Go To Dixie II

The National Carnival

The National Motor Boat Carnival


Dixie II maintained her supremacy in motorboat racing on the Hudson River yesterday, making the best time of the day in the average twenty-seven-knot speed she has been doing fore the greater part of the week. In the final series of events for the various cups Dixie II ran over the thirty-mile course in the good time of 1:05:37, averaging 27.43 nautical miles, or 31.54 statute miles an hour. her engines worked with the same smoothness that has characterized her competitions during the week. Dixie II's victory in the twelve motorboat classes for the three races gives her the international championship cup of the motorboat carnival. it is the third trophy she has captured in the week's contests, taking the mile championship cup on the first day and the free-for-all trophy in the thirty-mile race on Tuesday. She made her rounds yesterday in very even time, the ten-mile circuits being covered in 22:08, 21:41, and 21:48 respectively.

Next to Dixie II in point of speed interest was the final contest in the class for speed boats of thirty-three feet and under. There were four good starters, Vim, Den, Elco, and Macon. Den finished the first round twelve seconds ahead of Elco, the latter boat making her best showing of the week. On the second round Den broke down and drifted down the river with the tide to a point opposite the Colonial Yacht Club, where the races started, and was finally taken in tow by her owner's steam yacht, Commodore Joseph H. Hoadley's Nushka. Vim and Elco had a tight fight for first honors, Elco leading on elapsed time, getting across the line twenty-two seconds ahead of Vim, but on time allowance she lost by a trifle over twelve minutes, Vim taking the race in the corrected time of 1:10:10. This victory gave Vim the Inter-State Cup, with a total of 21 points for the three races. Macon was second with 17 points and Elco third with 16.

The cup honors in the other classes were Speedway, for racing boats over forty feet; Alabama, for motor yachts; Eagle, for cabin boats over forty feet; Wamego, for cabin boats under forty feet, and Joker, for open launches. Betsy beat Wamego yesterday for the first time in the series, leading by three minutes on time allowance, but Wamego's previous victories were sufficient to give her the trophy.

As a fitting close in the motorboat race week carnival, an illuminated parade of over twenty boats, forming the Colonial Yacht Club fleet, was held in the evening. many of the boats were brilliantly decorated with lanterns and other artistic effects., and they made an attractive sight in their parade down the river to opposite the Hudson River Yacht Club, off Ninety-first Street, and then back to the Colonial Club's anchorage, foot of 138th Street, where prizes were awarded. The success of the parade and the week's racing was due largely to the efforts of Commodore George Vestner, Vice-Commodore Frank Totten, Fleet Captain David Crow, and C. H. Newman, Herman Heidelberger, and Lester Mayer of the Regatta Committee.

(Transcribed from the New York Times, Sep. 27, 1908, sect. V, p. 3. )

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